Sweater Vests Are In Again — Here Are The 4 Best Ways To Style This Cozy Trend

I remember the first time I encountered the sweater vest trend in the wild. I was at Target, buying face wash and tofu, and, like any self-respecting Target patron, I decided to wander over to the clothing section, just for a quick look. Among the statement tees and affordable skirts, I spotted a pretty, open knit vest and was instantly charmed…but I couldn’t help but wonder, How the heck do you wear this thing?

The answer, as it turns out, is pretty much however you want. Beloved by influencers and designers everywhere, the trend earns as many points for versatility as it does for cuteness. And with countless colorways, shapes, and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find a vest that plays nice with your existing wardrobe.

Still looking for a little direction? Keep scrolling to see our favorite ways to wear a sweater vest and shop the sweetest sleeveless knits on the market.


In Transition

Ahh, October…the month of multicolor gourds, cinnamon-scented candles, and, at least where I live, several sunny days that don’t quite feel like fall. If you’re dying to break out your knitwear but the weather forecast is cramping your style, try wearing a vest solo. Add jeans and sneakers for a sweat-free coffee run (that is, until you order that hot apple caramel macchiato).

Monochrome Moment

With cute vests sitting on shelves (and popping up in Facebook ads) everywhere you look, it can be tough to decide on a color. To narrow it down, try taking a peek at your closet and shopping for vests that match your go-to hue. Pairing with like colors takes a knit vest from a little stodgy to ultra sleek.

Make a Statement

Want to really lean into the trend? Grab the boldest vest you can find and let it shine as the focal point of your outfit! Eye-catching patterns and colors jive best with simple denim. For bonus points, match your shoes or accessories to your vest.

Cozy Neutrals

Can’t beat the classics. Mix and match neutrals to craft an ensemble elevated enough for work and comfy enough for the weekend. For a gorgeous texture contrast, wear a cable knit vest with leather pants or leggings.


Which sweater vest look is your favorite? How do you plan to wear the trend? Let us know in the comments!

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