This Is The Perfect Cozy, Fun Fall Bucket List You Can Actually Stick To!

We’ve all seen them; those bucket lists for fall that are about mile long and impossible to complete before the season’s over.

I mean, who has time for real life AND apple picking, pie baking, leaf stomping, pumpkin carving, etc?! Not me.

We all have lives to tend to, but we also all deserve to slow down and indulge in the season a little.

That’s why the “fall bucket list” needs to be revised down only the best and most cozy of choices. I’ve compiled a list of the essential activities you should do during fall, no matter your location!


Pumpkin Painting Party with Friends

This is a fun activity that can withstand the test of time and weather! Although traditional pumpkin carving is a great family Halloween activity, painting pumpkins with craft acrylic paint can be equally fun, and your pumpkin will last a lot longer!

Head to your local craft store and gather a few materials and invite your bestie over for a fun night of pumpkin painting!

Bake Something Pumpkin or Apple Flavored

Have a recipe saved on your Pinterest board that you’ve been wanting to create? Now is the time to do it!

Since pumpkin and apple are the season’s starring flavors, I would select a recipe that highlights those flavors. Bake and enjoy or gift your creation to a friend or neighbor.

Take A Scenic Drive or Walk to See the Fall Leaves

With a new season comes changes in nature. We’re always so busy, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate its beauty.

Take a nice drive or walk where you’re most likely to find the most foliage and stop to enjoy the beauty of it all. Spend extra time outdoors if the weather allows and pack a picnic for the occasion. I promise your soul will feel refreshed once you’ve checked this off your list.

Read A Book That Takes Place in The Fall

Choose a novel to start and choose one specifically that takes place in fall!

There is no better way to subtly remind you of the cozy season ahead than diving into a good book!

Make A Fall Themed Door Wreath or Table Centerpiece

While you’re out enjoying nature’s beauty, why not collect some to decorate your home? Take some pinecones and fallen leaves along with some sticks and branches, and create something rustic and beautiful with it!

You may need to head to your local craft store for a few basic items like glue and a wreath base, then you’re good to go! Make it sparkle and shine with some acrylic or spray paint! The important part is to enjoy the creating process.

Try A New Shade Of Lipstick

Fall is the best time to mix it up, and that includes your beauty routine!

The colder months bring on trendy new hues, so embrace one you haven’t tried before to switch up your look! Be sure to be aware of your skin tone and what looks best with your specific shade.

Do A Fun Fall Themed Photoshoot

Now that you have that new lip shade, it’s time to take some cute festive photos! Snag your pic taking bestie or a tripod and head outside! Create a cute fall themed outfit and a small prop, like a pumpkin.

Head to platforms like TikTok and Pinterest for posing inspiration and snap away! I promise this will help get you in the spirit of the season.

Create A Fall Cocktail/Mocktail And Give It A Fun Name

Ever wanted to try your hand at mixing drinks? Well, now is the time!

Do a little bit of investigating online to see what flavor profiles you like, and head to the store to grab your ingredients. Once you’re home, get to experimenting! When you land on a drink that tastes just right, be sure to give it a name.

Fall Back On Basics

Of course you can always partake in traditional bucket list items like apple picking and pumpkin carving and leaf pile jumping, but the ones listed above will definitely get you in the cozy spirit without taking too much of your free time.

So snag a flannel and grab a pumpkin spice latte and get to gourd painting!


Does our fall bucket list sound like fun? Let us know in the comments!

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