Surprise Your First-Time Parent Friends With These Unique Baby Gifts

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The time has come — your friend has had their baby! If they’re a first-time parent, there’s no doubt that they’re excited, tired, and a little scared. Sure, they may have the car seat and changing table, but there are plenty of gifts they may not have thought to put on their registry. If you want to swoop in with unique gifts that will be life-savers, check out this list for inspiration.


Pocket Nanny

When I become a parent, this Pocket Nanny is one of the first things I’ll ask for. This gift will help ease the stress that comes with managing schedules, because you can set alarms all at onces for feeding, diaper changes, napping — pretty much everything a first-time parent would stress over remembering. Be queen of the baby shower with this.

SHOP – $24.99

gifts for new parents

gifts for new parents

Snoo Baby Bassinet

The Snoo Baby Bassinet automatically rocks your baby back to sleep by sensing movement. It has a built-in white noise machine, and even a built-in swaddle, all of which can be controlled by an app. Since they won’t use it for eternity, you can rent it for them until they don’t need it anymore.

SHOP – $1,495

Babysense Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a parent’s worst nightmare, so ease their minds with this movement monitor. It sets off an alarm if there is no movement in 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to less than 10 micro-movements per minute, giving parents ease of mind from the other room.

SHOP – $129.99

gifts for new parents


Baby Shusher the Sleep Miracle

If the parents don’t have a spare 30 minutes, Baby Shusher the Sleep Miracle will take care of calming their baby down. Set a timer for 15 to 30 minutes and let a real voice shush their baby to sleep. It also comes with a removable wrist strap so they can walk with the baby, and the volume is adjustable.

SHOP – $34.99

Baby Dream Machine

This dream machine was built with a baby’s — and therefore a parent’s — needs in mind. The machine has a nightlight to produce more melatonin with red light therapy, a cool mist humidifier to keep the room at the ideal humidity, aromatherapy options, and pink noise to make for baby’s perfect sleep situation.  

SHOP – $119

dream machine

baby k'tan carrier

Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

There can be hesitance with baby wrap carriers. Are they safe enough? Can they cradle babies properly? The Baby K’tan carrier eases these worries. This one has a built-in wrap and double loop design, so it will hold their baby comfortably and properly without the possibility of slipping. As their child grows, the carrier can be adjusted into five positions.

SHOP – $49.95


Okay, we had to include the entire brand, because we are in love with their products. Their Diaper cakes are perfect for a baby shower, with wipes, lotion, and diapers, among other goodies; bath time will never be easier with a cleanliness kit; and a diaper and wipes subscription kit will stop panicked “oh s*it, we’re out again?!”


gifts for new parents


Bumbo Floor Seat

Help their child cultivate good, healthy posture with the Bumbo Floor Seat, which properly aligns their spine with a deep seat and high leg openings. It has a harness to keep their baby safe, and the foam is long-lasting.

SHOP – $47+

Sleep Sack Swaddle Wraps

This swaddle is ideal for every need (it’s popular in most nurseries because it promotes safe sleep). It’s made of cotton and slightly stretchy, perfect for comfort without sacrificing safety. The zipper at the bottom allows for diaper changes without removing from the swaddle, making everyone’s lives easier.

SHOP – $17.59


gifts for new parents

Bundlebee Wrap

This is the ultimate cushion swaddle. The design allows for careful cradling of the head and spine, thanks to the coconut fiber pad lining. It has light filling, so whether it’s hot or cool, their baby’s temperature will regulate through naptime. Bonus: since babies are always growing, the velcro strap allows for upsizing.

SHOP – $42

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

When babies get fussy, the natural response is to hold them. But what if your friends are right in the middle of something? Enter: this lounger. It’s designed to hug the baby’s body like their parents would, and while they shouldn’t be left unsupervised, it gives your friend those extra few seconds she needs before she can scoop up their baby.

SHOP – $147

gifts for new parents

gifts for new parents

4-in-1 Convertible Baby Diaper Bag

Your friend will be bringing this diaper bag along everywhere, it’s just that convenient. The compact diaper bag work as a stroller organizer, but its crowning glory: change diapers or start nap time with a pop-out bassinet. The lining is waterproof and wipeable if there’s an accident mid-change, and it comes with a drawstring to separate wet items from dry ones.

SHOP – $69.99

PooPoose® Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad

Changing diapers is messy enough with a constantly-moving baby, but you can be a saving grace by gifting them this changing pad. It has a removable hook and loop swaddle-like strap to stop their baby from rolling around in their own mess, a worry during all diaper changes. It’s water-resistant, and you can wipe the cover clean in case there are accidents.

SHOP – $59.99

gifts for new parents

gifts for new parents

Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror for Car

Sure, parents can look in their rear view mirror (or worse, turn around), but it’s not the same as having a full view of their baby. Enter: this backseat mirror. Your friend can move this mirror into any position they’d like to get a clear view of their baby’s face and body. No more craning their necks to see if their baby is asleep or upset, and what matters most: safe.

SHOP – $25.99

Baby Bee Box

Burt’s Baby Bee Box is filled with all types of gifts in one basket. Known for their soft products, Burt’s Bees has included diaper ointment, face and hand cloths, and gentle lotion, as well as bibs, pajamas, and bodysuits. It’s a catch-all that touches upon first-time parents’ every need.

SHOP – $150

bee box

shopping seat cover

Suessie Shopping Cart Cover

Help your loved ones say goodbye to dirty shopping carts and high chairs. This shopping cart cover provides comfort, cleanliness, and fun to their child. The see-through pocket allows them to place their phone inside for visual entertainment. There’s also a teether and two loops for attaching toys.

SHOP – $29.99

A Home Chef Subscription

In the haze of newborn bliss (and frenzy), it’s easy for parents to neglect their own needs. If they’re barely eating, give them the gift of Home Chef. If they don’t have the mental capacity for cooking, it offers ready-to-go delicious and healthy meals that only need to be heated up. If cooking helps them, Home Chef also delivers ingredients with recipe cards, so no thinking is required.


home chef

Baby Food Makers

Baby food makers are crucial. While your loved ones can buy store-bought food, why not give them the gift of making their own? This is especially awesome for picky and/or growing babies.

The BabyMoov Food Station is our favorite multi-purpose food maker. Your friends can steam and blend all at once, making multiple baby-safe meals a possibility. Best part: it also works as a bottle warmer and sterilizer.

baby food maker

SHOP – $183.99

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