Steal Its Style: The ‘Practical Magic’ House Was A Witchy Wonderland

Practical Magic inspired every girl in the ‘90s to try witchcraft themselves (who didn’t want to be a witch with resurrection powers?). But the Practical Magic house was also worthy of the envy that everyone felt when watching the witches flit about.

I loved the look of the old Victorian, and I wanted to have one just like it, where it was practically swallowed by greenery. The interior was homey, filled to the brim with vintage items and a kitchen I’d die for. There are many old Victorians where I live, and I ogle them each time I drive by.

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My favorite fun fact about the house: it didn’t really exist as a house. They took six months to build the house’s aged exterior specifically for the movie, then tore it down immediately after filming wrapped. (So, if you’re looking to take pictures at the house, you’re out of luck.) Interior shots were filmed on a soundstage in LA. But the movie magic worked — I was none the wiser, instead focusing on what filled the home.

So, for this week’s Steal Her Style, we’re doing a home edition. Read on for pieces that will give you a witchy, Practical-Magic-inspired house just in time for spooky season!



The standout decor in the kitchen makes it one of the most fun rooms in the house. Sure, the pantry filled with herbs and potions may seem like the focal point of the house in Practical Magic — after all, witchcraft — but the kitchen is filled with glass cupboards, a vintage stove, a huge farm sink, and ceramic accessories all over. Said director Griffin Dunne to Vulture, “I remember being a little bit threatened by so many people telling me how much they loved the kitchen in the movie.”

There are many ways to breathe 2021 into the kitchen, but how can you say no to a vintage space?

Living Room

The dark living room screams “vintage witch.” With old velvet chairs, a low-hanging chandelier, candles lighting the room, and old-school wallpaper, it’s definitely dated. But for the concept of Practical Magic and its vintage vibes, the darkness fits the house well. After, all, in the book, “It was dark in every room, even at noon, and cool all through the heat of July.”

Should you want to decorate without seeming like a witch, there are updates you can make while still maintaining the magical vibe, like clean velvet chairs, candles, and an accent wall.


Home to herbs, potions, mortars and pestles, Sally and Gillian make this space enchanting. Production designer Robin Standefer explained that they wanted the pantry to feel home to witchcraft by adding touches like herbs and potion bottles.

If you want to channel the spirits in Practical Magic within your own house, choose a bookcase with drawers for convenience. And who can deny fun glass organizers shaped like potion bottles and herb holders? Not me. Floating shelves are perfect for carrying kitchenware that can’t fit every appliance.


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In the film’s DVD commentary, Dunne noted that all plants were live plants. “We had so much growing, plants, flowers, orchids … it was like a floral shop every day.”

For a space filled with greenery, glass tables are the way to go. Copper and standard red pots bring in the witchy feel, rather than clean, white planters. If you don’t have a conservatory (like me, sigh), you can make a room feel like one — simply put shelves next to a window with hanging planters.


What house decor do you love most from Practical Magic? Anything we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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