Want to Feng Shui Your Place? Tap Into The Elements For Ultimate Energy

Have you ever rearranged your furniture and suddenly you feel like you’ve cracked some mystery code and all of your troubles are gone? I change my bedroom layout up about twice a year because I believe that energy flows in and through my bedroom and my house, and I want the best possible energy at all times. That’s a long-winded way of saying that feng shui and the feng shui elements are actually real, and you might want to incorporate them into your house. 

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Feng shui means “wind” and “water”. These are the two natural elements that flow. When you organize your house in regard to the rules of feng shui, you are allowing energy to flow through what you have set up. In its formal definition, feng shui is the practice of rearranging the pieces in your home in order to create a balance. The ultimate goal of feng shui is to harness the energy forces that flow through your home and use them to your benefit. 

So how do you do this? Let’s break the room up into pieces.


The Commanding Position

This is the point in the room that is furthest away from your door, but not in line with it. Usually, this is on a diagonal from your door. This is the place where you spend the most time in your room. By the feng shui guidelines, your desk, bed, or stove should be in this commanding position. 

This is one of the cases where you get to choose what you want to focus your energy on. If you’re hoping to be well rested and ready to tackle every day and maybe even improve your sex life, the bed will represent this and you should put it in the commanding position. If you’re more career focused and a work from home queen, put the desk there!

The significance of the desk, bed, and stove is that they are essential to your life. The bed represents you, the desk is your career, and the stove is your wealth and nourishment. Now, excuse me, I’m going to unhinge my stove from the wall and move it on top of my dresser. 

Use Vertical Options

Feng shui is really about arranging the rooms in your house so that they don’t have any obstacles. An easy way to get rid of excess stuff is to get a piece of furniture like a bookshelf and just place your knick knacks on it. Blanket ladders make this vertical option super easy and so cute!

If you store your things vertically, the space will feel taller and the obstacles will get out of your way.

Add Plants

I kill too many plants for this part to be applicable to me, but if you’re a plant queen, go for it! Plants have so much energy flowing through them that they will only add to the energy that is already in your house. The plants you place in your room will represent freshness and vitality

Think about hanging plants above spaces like your bed or desk so that you will get more growth and health in those spaces.

Add in Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui and Chinese medicine split the world into elements. Everything is made out of one of the five elements — earth, metal, water, wood, and fire — and they all represent something in your life. Look at what each of the elements represent and then choose three of the five to put into your home and have represented in your decor. You also might want to choose certain elements for certain rooms, in case your goals for one room are separate from another. 

The elements are made clear on Feng Shui Energy maps and you can clearly see where the elements are the strongest in accordance to the layout of your house. 



The Earth element represents the qualities of being grounded, practicing self-care, and being stable. The shapes are often flat and square and the colors are brown, orange, and yellow. The times to rely on the Earth elements are for health, knowledge, and partnership


The metal element is a great one for your office. Metal encapsulates efficiency, precision, and beauty. Often metal will be represented in a circular shape and often in a white or metallic color. The areas the metal element is most helpful in is with helpful people or children.


Water is another great element for the office. Water represents flowing and shifting. The shape of water elements is usually wavy or curvy and the color is black. This element helps in the area of the career.


The wood element is often seen in the kitchen or the family room. The qualities that wood holds are expansion, vitality, and upward direction. Wood elements are often presented in columnar or rectangular shapes and come in greens and blues. Wood helps in areas of family and wealth.


The fire element is the brightest of all, but not necessarily the most important. The fire element represents passion, illumination, and brilliance. Fire usually comes in the shape of a triangle or other pointy objects and is red. The area fire most helps is in fame/recognition.

Choose three of these elements to put into your house. You can add all of them, but understand that feng shui is about balance and if you overload on all or one of them, the balance will not be there any more.

Feel Your Space

Energy is meant to be felt. If you move things in your house and you don’t feel right about them, move them somewhere else. You want your home to be a welcoming and energetic environment that will make you feel like you can accomplish anything. That starts with you feeling the best you can in your space. So go experiment with the energy in your room and start to redo some things!


Do you actively use feng shui in your home? Comment below!

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