These 11 Scandinavian Home Decor Pieces Will Give Your Friends Some Serious House Envy

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I am a huge fan of Scandinavian design, which is why I love browsing through IKEA when I’m near one. The clean lines, the accents, the neutrality — it’s all so appealing. But IKEA, despite its fantastic showrooms, doesn’t always have what I’m looking for. Luckily, plenty of other stores have Scandinavian-designed pieces that are higher-end and absolutely gorgeous. These are our top 11!


Diamondville 20.5″ Bedside Table Lamp Set

The geometric bases of these lamps are statements, and the gold finish on the metal base accents the shapes. Perfect as side table lamps, they add texture and subtle excitement to an otherwise neutral, streamlined room.

SHOP – $103.99


scandinavian rug

Kista Rug

This isn’t your usual rug, but it should be if you’re going for a Scandinavian vibe. The splashes of yellow and blue add interest, and the asymmetrical pattern is eye-catching. This rug is perfect for a pop of geometric color you won’t find elsewhere beneath your feet.

SHOP – $340

Candice Luter Aria Mirror

If you don’t want an average last-minute-check mirror next to your door, this unique one will make a statement. The half moon shape gives you space for a quick makeup fix, and the hanging tassels (in many colors — you can choose!) add instant interest in the doorway.

SHOP – $400



Paper & Clay Oslo Planter

Plant parents, I have good news: a huge element of Scandinavian design is incorporating greenery. These planters will hold your precious plant babes, while the pastel colors complement the greens rather than compete with them.

SHOP – $36

Two Toned Sand Bulb Stoneware Bud Vase

The shape of this two-toned vase adds a twist to the usual shape. While you can absolutely show off green plants, the hole is narrow; consider using this as an opportunity to decorate with something else, like baby’s breath or dried stems.

SHOP – $23.80

SCANDInavian vase

WOOD AND marble objects

Marble + Wood Object

Decor doesn’t always have to do something. Sometimes it’s just meant to add interest and tie a room together. These objects combine marble and wood (popular choices in Scandinavian homes) to make a pretty addition to any space. And if you want to put one to good use, it can make a great temporary paperweight or bookend.

SHOP – $40+

Everly Quinn Mirror Set

Sick of your stereotypical circular and rectangular mirrors? So are Scandinavian designers. All four mirrors in this set look almost as if their shapes were chosen randomly, and perhaps they were — but you don’t have to tell guests that, because they make for an effective display.

SHOP – $283.80

scandinavian decor

Scandinavian decor

Geometric Cement Cuboctahedron Bookends

Your bookends shouldn’t just function as bookends — they should also complement your home, so drop the metal ones you find on Amazon. Made from cement, these bookends are strong enough to support as many books as necessary while also matching the look of the room.

SHOP – $43.99

MR. CLARK Dots Clocks

If you’re dedicated to minimalism, don’t forget to change out your usual wall clock. This one has dots next to each number, giving it a nuance of muted color. Just because you’re going for a minimalist vibe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice numbers for the aesthetic.

SHOP – $119

scandinavian clock

SCANdinavian decor

Luna Three Tier Suspended Wall Shelf

As previously mentioned, the mix of metal and wood is classic of Scandinavian design. The wood in this shelf warms up the space, and the metal falls in line with the clean-cut geometry. Its shape offers plenty of room to hang knickknacks, and it can fit in any room thanks to its versatility.

SHOP – $87.49

Hailey Cotton Throw Pillow Cover & Insert

This pillow is similar to the rug, with its unexpected lines and pops of color. Not only does the color match the design — there are also additional textural elements to lean into the Scandinavian feel. The cotton pillow is gorgeous and feels good to the touch.

SHOP – $57

scandinavian decor

Are you a fan of Scandinavian design? What are your favorite statement pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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