Tired Of These Outdated Beauty Rules? Break Up With Them!


At some point in time, a woman somewhere decided that there are certain beauty “rules” we should follow. 

It may have been more than one woman, but whoever made these rules was listened to and we were taught to never break them. 

The power she had — a true queen. 

They had a good, long run, but sorry, your highness –  your reign of outdated beauty rules and do’s and don’ts has ended. Here are all the beauty rules we’re breaking.


No mascara on the bottom lashes.

I’m sorry, what?? I’ve never heard this one but it is very real and very strange. Why would you only pay attention to your top lashes and ignore the cute lil ones below? 

Please ignore this rule if you’ve ever followed it, and if you’ve not heard it, keep not hearing it.

Falsies are a no-no.

Another rule that I have been told is that false lashes are strictly for nighttime, never to be worn when the sun is out.

If I could properly apply them (I’ve tried, it’s not happening), I would tell this rule to take a hike while wearing the longest false lashes you’ve ever seen.

Your lip liner has to match your lipstick!

The trend of not matching your lip liner to your lipstick popped up in the early 2000s, and that was a no no. 

While I didn’t participate, I respected the boldness of a dark outline with a nude lip. That trend is back — only this time, it’s a mix and match of wildly different colors and it’s bolder than ever. 

I can only applaud those daring enough to pull this look off. 

Blush only goes on your cheeks.

One rule I followed was that blush ONLY goes on the apple of your cheeks — a makeup guideline that I rigidly adhered to — but only because I didn’t know better. 

Color can (and should) go wherever you tend to naturally flush — that means on the bridge of your nose and a dab on your forehead. Blush away!

Pick your colors based on your skin tone.

If you have a warm skin tone, you should never wear cool colors and people with cool skin tones should not wear warm colors. 

Pretty sure I’ve never followed this rule because I don’t know what my skin tone is considered — but this rule is bupkes.  

Obviously contrasting hadn’t come around yet, because have you SEEN how mixing things up can change your entire look?

I’ve seen makeup tutorials where you can make your nose appear smaller with contouring — that’s makeup magic. 

Play with shades and colors!

No lip gloss over 30!

To me, the most offensive beauty rule says that women over 30 shouldn’t wear lip gloss. As a woman well over 30, I can only say “How dare you!”

Lip gloss makes your pout look plump and kissable; it’s the easiest thing to apply and you can bury my old ass in lip gloss. 

Dark lipstick is for winter months only.

No dark lipstick in the summer is a weird one that I’m not even going to address — wear whatever color you want no matter the season.

Same goes for perfume — scent yourself with what you want. Who cares about the weather outside?

Oily skin? Don’t use oil-based products!

Someone proclaimed that everything must be oil-free if your skin leans toward oily.

While that sounds like it makes sense, it’s not true. So fear not, oily skin-havers!

Science tells us that oil likes oil, and it’s all about balance — there are oil-based skin care products that are tailored for oily skin. 

Keep the eyeshadows matte, please.

The beauty powers above have warned us that shimmery/metallic eyeshadows and powders will make you look older. 

False! They do the OPPOSITE, giving you a dewy, healthy glow — and a glittery shade on your lids is the easiest way to make you look refreshed. 

Dry skin? Don’t use powder!

Absolutely no powder if you have dry skin is another easily debunked beauty rule. 

With so many new options on the market — everything from smoothing and blurring powders — you can use powder and it won’t look cakey or clump in dry patches. 

Powder away!

Throw out the rules!

Times are always changing so it’s high time to discard all outdated beauty rules. Makeup should be a fun learning process about what you like and what works for you. 

Go forth, play with products, and be daring, because these rules no longer apply. 


Have you been following any of these outdated beauty rules or have you always been a rebel? Tell us in the comments!

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