Justin Bieber Superfan Diane Keaton Stars In His New Music Video

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“AM I DREAMING???” Oscar-winning actor Diane Keaton posts to Instagram about Justin Bieber’s upcoming “Ghost” music video, the latest single from his sixth album, Justice. It’s an emotional outpouring of grief, with Keaton taking on the role of Bieber’s grandmother. The two are mourning the loss of Bieber’s grandfather as the video opens.  

The video then jumps forward by two years as Bieber takes her dancing and even helps her start to date by updating her dating profiles. They are both moving on with their lives, but still coping with the death of his grandfather. Then, they spend the day walking along Ventura Beach together.  

Life goes on, but they’re still seemingly haunted by the memory. Bieber sings, “And if you can’t be next to me/Your memory is ecstasy, I miss you more than life.” He also performed “Ghost” at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. 


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For Keaton, the appearance on Bieber’s music video is a dream come true. She has been a long-time “Belieber.” She was talking about Bieber with Ellen DeGeneres when Bieber crept out on stage to surprise her in November of 2015.  

For the current venture, Keaton said that Bieber called her up to ask her if she was interested, and she agreed. In her Vogue interview, Keaton says, “I thought the song was wonderful.” With the fluidic approach of Bieber’s music video, she adds, “This was just sheer fun.”  

Keaton says, “All my life, I’ve been an actress and had lines, and sometimes I’ve gotten to loosen them up a little—but this was just completely loose and relaxed. Nobody ever [told me to do] anything, which made it so much fun.”  

A Matter Of Class

Keaton is an award-winning icon in her own right, but she brings more than just her stage presence and acting skills to Bieber’s music video. In her Vogue interview, she explains: “The outfits were indicative of my style because they’re mine. Some of the outfits are from my closet. I had some wonderful things from Gucci.” 

Keaton brings her own refined fashion to nearly every scene of the music video, from her own chic Comme des Garçons coat, her elegant, checked Gucci coat, and even her black Louis Vuitton jacket. Her signature chapeaus make their appearances too. It was a must, since she says, “For me, a hat is a friend.” She infamously used hats to spice up her quarantine experience. 

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Above All A Fan

Keaton loved the time she spent with Bieber. She described him as “totally charming.” In the scenes where they walked along Ventura Beach, she said, “He had to have his arm around me when we were walking into the ocean.” She adds, “If I felt like hugging him, I’d hug him. He was stuck with me.” 

Bieber is known for going out of his way to make his fans feel special and appreciated. 


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