Steal The Influential Menswear Style Of Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall

Diane Keaton made her fashion mark with her role on the big screen as Annie Hall and is still a beloved fashion icon until this day! Check out all her iconic looks throughout the years in this article. The popularity of rocking everyday menswear was pioneered by Annie Hall. Not only did the charming, tomboyish style become super cool in the 70’s, but it also reflected the woman’s desire to want to be comfortable and confident. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe with some menswear-inspired looks, look no further — Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall will show you just how to do it.


The Iconic Modern Menswear Look


Diane Keaton looks so charming from head to toe. The look is so fresh and modern thanks to the high-waist trousers and slim fit button-up blouse. Pairing a loose-fit piece with a slimmer fit item always creates a chic and feminine silhouette, and she adds a quirky element by accessorizing with a men’s tie that peeks underneath her simple black vest. I highly recommend snagging a black vest like the one Diane Keaton is rocking from a thrift store, and finish the look with this timeless wool bowler hat.

Bookstore Babe

Diane Keaton cuts a relaxed, chic figure in another timeless button-up shirt and trouser combo. This time she’s rocking a flannel shirt with a slim fit black blazer and belt with a rich forest green pair of loose-fit slacks. This look incorporates so many closet staples (flannel, black blazer, and black belt) so chances are it’s already sitting in your closet waiting to happen!

Monochromatic Suit

diane keaton annie hall fashion

One of my favorite understated Annie Hall looks is this neutral beige ensemble. Rock a look in the same color family but play with the shades. Diane Keaton is wearing the beloved slouchy boyfriend fit for a tailored look that evokes effortlessness and confidence.


What are your thoughts on menswear fashion? Is Diane Keaton one of your style icons? Let us know below!

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