Marie-Andrée Leclerc Shows Us How To Flawlessy Live Our 70’s Fashion Dreams

The Serpent is one of the latest thrillers to hit Netflix and we are HOOKED. This 8-episode crime series is based on a true story about notorious the Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer, thief, and master of disguise. The show takes us back to the 70’s where we follow his trial, including a look into his relationship with girlfriend and accomplice Marie-Andrée Leclerc, played by Jenna Coleman.

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While the series isn’t necessarily about the fashion of that time, we couldn’t help but take style notes from Jenna Coleman’s Marie-Andrée Leclerc. The Serpent’s wardrobe stylist, Rachel Walsh, perfectly encapsulated the bohemian and tailored vintage feel of that decade through sleek styling and some of the most iconic 70’s silhouettes that we all know and love today. Ready to steal Marie-Andrée’s style?


The Power Suit

Bring the glamour just like Marie-Andrée with a colored power suit! Opting for rich, jewel tones is super luxe and we’re seeing these styles everywhere in 2021. Marie-Andrée balances this bold look with a classic floral blouse tucked in, paired with the iconic supersized 70’s sunglasses.

Eclectic Colors

Psychedelic patterns are a true nod to 70’s inspired fashion. This simple look is elevated by the bright colors and patterns that look like a match made in heaven. All you need is a (sleeveless) blouse and a great pair of trousers. You can style together or separately for a super chic look.

Patterned Head Scarves

If there’s something to take away from this style steal, it’s the quintessential 70’s cool girl accessory: the patterned head scarf. This chic accessory easily transports you back to the 70’s, and it’s also a staple because of its versatility. You can rock this as a head wrap like Marie-Andrée or tie it around your neck for a cool, retro feel.

Flared Jeans

Elevate your denim with a statement vintage belt and a button down  blouse like Marie-Andrée. Flared jeans were a prominent trend of the 70’s and we’re seeing this style on the runways and streets today!

Easy Jumpsuits

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Marie-Andrée nails the one-and-done easy styling with her yellow casual jumpsuit. A brighter shade makes it fun and appropriate for the summer time, and if you’re worried about chilly nights, pair with a boho kimono for a cohesive look. Finally, make sure to accessorize with a buckled waist belt for a true 70’s silhouette.


Is Marie-Andrée Leclerc your 70’s fashion inspiration? Which of her outfits is your favorite? Have you seen The Serpent? Let us know below!

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