Dress Up For Fall With These Spooky Clothes From Target!

Spooky season is officially here (at least in our book)! It’s time to embrace it with some subtle Halloween clothes from one of our favorite spots: Target.

Before you get concerned that you’ll look like a frumpy pumpkin, these pieces we’ve listed below are equal parts flattering and adorable.  Pair these pieces with some fall staples you already have in your closet, and you’ll be looking ghoulishly fresh in no time!


This year, don dancing skeletons on an oversized tee. Bonus: you can wear the shirt throughout the year — it’s that cute.

skeleton shirt

SHOP – $14.99

Pumpkin carving? Groundbreaking, as Miranda Priestly would say. Winking carved pumpkin on a shirt? Adorable, I say.


SHOP – $8

Even the dead like to have a rockin’ good time on Halloween night. Party it up with them in this shirt.

rockin tee

SHOP – $8

It can get cold outside (if you have kids, you know how long trick-or-treating takes), so channel the spooky spirit with this long-sleeve sweatshirt.


SHOP – $19.99

The two days following Halloween are Dia De Los Muertos; dress for the celebration with this tee.

target clothes

SHOP – $14.99

If you’re getting your heart pumping on Halloween, this tee is a spiderweb-heart. Appropriate, no?

spider web heart shirt

SHOP – $17.98

These earrings feature witches and tassels, so you can subtly celebrate the holiday in fashion.

witch earrings

SHOP – $12.99

Drop earrings are cute, but add glitter skeletons, and you’ve got this perfect pair.

target clothes

SHOP – $12.99

Feel like a badass who can take anything on, be it scary zombies or the Monday scaries, in these combat boots.

combat boots

SHOP – $39.99


Which Target clothes are you wearing for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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