Embrace Your Plant Mom Aesthetic With Whimsical Decor

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Keeping a plant alive and well is a gift, and one that I do not possess. 

Mother Nature skipped right over me when she was giving out green thumbs. For instance, I have killed several cacti when it became evident that no other plant would survive in my care. Do you know how hard it is to kill a cactus? 

That’s why I admire plant moms and their devotion to all things flora and fauna. Not only are plants an easy way to add charm to any room, but there are so many fun ways to decorate around them!

We tip our hats to plant moms with a list of our favorite plant mom aesthetic decor!

Plant Mom Aesthetic

Fun Planters And Pots

Planters and pots can be utilized inside and outside — there are so many styles and shapes ranging from cute to sophisticated! 

Plant Shelves

Do you want your plants to hang around rather than sit atop a table? Decorate your space with these hanging shelf options or stands.

Unique Watering Cans

Any good plant mom knows that keeping their greenery healthy requires H2O, so give them their refreshing doses with these special watering cans!

Plant Art

If you want to be loud and proud about your plant mom status, shout it out by being a little extra and decorating your walls with floral-themed art.

Other Fun Things That Tell The World You’re A Proud Plant Mom

And if being a little extra is not enough, take it up a notch with all things plant mom — from pins to sweatshirts to hats, we’ve got your plant kitsch covered.


Are you a proud plant mom? Share with us in the comments!

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