Get Excited To Travel Again With These Top-Of-The-Line Luggage Sets

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If you’re anything like me, odds are: You have travel sites you visit often, hoping to score a deal on a getaway, even if it’s just for a quick overnight trip.

There’s something exciting about packing for a trip, even if it’s to a locale you’ve visited many times before — like you’re on the brink of something intangibly unexpected.

I love that feeling. This is probably why I’m obsessed with suitcases and travel accessories.

As someone who routinely travels, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes good luggage and what to skip.

It’s easy to swoon over pretty bags, (and there are several of ’em), but the bag that works is the bag that you don’t have to think about.

I rarely check my luggage (usually it’s a carry-on and a tote), but on my last trip from Amsterdam back to the states, I decided to check my small bag. After that seamless experience, I decided to rethink my stance of ‘carry-on only’.

Here are the best luggage sets that caught our eyes!


Jen Atkin x Calpak

This collection immediately caught my eye with its sleek, hard case and sherbet-y colors.

best luggage sets

SHOP – $213.75-$327.25

July Carry On Pro Bundle

This set is at the top of my list, but I’m strongly considering building my own bundle with the Carry On Pro and the Carry All Weekender. The Carry On Pro has a detachable sleeve for your electronics.

I’m intrigued by the idea, especially for the times when the flight attendants announce that there’s no more room on the plane, and EVERYONE has to check their bags.

With the Carry On Pro, I can remove the sleeve with my gear without having to open my suitcase and transfer things to my tote. I’d pair it with the Carry All Weekender, whose clean lines pair with the Pro nicely.

best luggage sets

Wrangler 3-Piece Luggage Set

I’m a sucker for gadgets, and I love how the Wrangler carry-on version has an attached cup holder and a USB port. Don’t underestimate how much you’d use the cup holder — think about when you’re standing in line, cooling your jets at a crowded gate, or waiting for your ride at Arrivals.

SHOP – $189.68

Heys Xray Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

I have a similar suitcase by Traveler’s Choice in my collection. I’m into a clear suitcase because it doesn’t look like anything else on the market right now, and it forces me to pack like a grown-up. Ever since I bought the bag, all of my clothes are neatly tucked in their packing cubes and put away nicely. This one by Heys comes in 3 sizes and 3 different trim colors.

SHOP – $143.99-$182.39

London Fog Queensbury Softside Spinner Set

Pretty and practical, this set from London Fog has what I crave: Outer pockets that are easily accessible. I’m an advocate of keeping keys, lip gloss, itineraries, etc, in their own, designated place, so I appreciate a set of luggage with compartments.

SHOP – $343.40

Coolife 3-Pc Luggage Set

If the thought of another black suitcase set has you feeling basic, then the Coolife set has you covered. I love the bright colors of the orange set, but the turquoise set is just as stunning.

best luggage sets

SHOP – $169.99

Marks And Spencer Terminal 1 Family Luggage Set

Go for the retro vibe with the Terminal 1 Family luggage set from Marks And Spencer. I love how the set looks like old-school trunks, but with a modern upgrade. Bonus points for being monogram-ready.

SHOP – $899

Skyline 4-Pc Luggage Set

Cute but practical, this berry-colored set comes complete with a bag that you can use for shoes or laundry, and a toiletry bag.

best luggage sets

SHOP – $84.99


What do you think of these luggage sets? Let us know in the comments!

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