It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Here Are Some Thoughtful Gifts To Bring To Your Children’s Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is here again! At our local school, our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organizes fun appreciation activities for the teachers. We still try to find additional ways to say “Thank you” while making sure they’re thoughtful, useful, and something my child’s teacher will love. Of course, one of the most ultra personalized gifts is a colorful picture that your child can paint, draw, or color with their favorite color scheme, features, and note of appreciation. But don’t stop there! Here’s our collection of fun and thoughtful gifts your child’s teacher will love, including some personalized teacher gifts. 

Stuff For Teacher’s Use & Desk

Have you ever really considered how much time your child’s teacher spends at their desk? Even if they do get a break, they often work long hours as they prepare and teach. So, why not make their desk space as fun and personalized as possible? Put their name on their organizer, their pencils, and their pens. 

Custom Notebook

Custom Notebook

This personalized notebook includes 47 lined or blank pages with your choice of logos, illustrations, designs, and custom texts. With its single or double-wire binding and matte or gloss laminated soft cover, this notebook is made to hold up to even the most rigorous use in the classroom. It’s the perfect gift for teachers, since they perpetually need and use notebooks for writing classroom notes, directions, ideas, and more. 

BUY NOW – $12.90

Dior Notebook

Notebook Blue Toile de Jouy _ DIOR

The Dior Notebook is a special appreciation gift your child’s teacher will love. It’s 100% paper with 72-lined pages making up this hard-cover notebook. With the Dior Maison’s creations, this notebook is a tribute to Christian Dior with its unique Toile de Jouy design pattern. Your child’s teacher will cherish this unique notebook. 

SHOP – $80

Modern Picnic Lunchbox

Shop Modern Picnic The Large Luncher Vegan Leather Lunchbox _ Saks Fifth Avenue

One of the necessities your child’s teacher carries with them every day is a lunchbox, so why not give them a modern picnic lunchbox? This classy imported lunch box has an insulated interior and a vegan leather exterior. It also has a magnetic closure with a back slip pocket and an interior flip pocket. It’s the perfect size for their lunch (12″W x 10.5″H x 7.25″D), with a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

SHOP – $189

Personalized Daily Planner

Personalised Daily Planner Choice of Designs A5 Undated _ Etsy

In your child’s classroom, one of the best ways to show your appreciation to their teacher is by gifting a personalized daily planner with the perfectly selected and designed cover. The cover options include Grey Leaf, Ombre Leaf, or Bloom. You can also select gold or silver foil to give this 20-week organizer a special touch across its more than 200 pages. Track your goals, notes, meal plans, water intake, and schedules. It’s the perfect organizer for your child’s teacher. 

SHOP – $23.56

Personalized Pencils

Your Text Here Personalized Pencil _ Shutterfly

A pencil is a teacher’s best friend. It comes in handy no matter which grade they’re teaching. In most cases, you’d have to say they could never do without more pencils, particularly of the #2 graphite variety. But, colorful, personalized, and natural-wood pencils are even better. These pencils are available in Rainbow or Chic, with options for adding an icon, nickname, sentiment, or other text to the pencil.

SHOP – $7.50

Personalized Work Bag

Personalized Tote Work Bag Vegan Leather Shopping Bag Shoulder _ Etsy

If you’ve run out of ideas, this minimalist tote is a great tote for virtually any need your child’s teacher might have. They can carry their laptop, cords, notebooks, and so much more. This functional tote bag is soft and durable with vegan leather, a cotton-fabric lining, a zipper pocket for a wallet or keys, and two side pockets. It’s large enough to be functional without being too huge. 

SHOP – $31.50

“Thank You For Helping Me Grow” Gift Box

TEACHER GIFT Appreciation Gift for Teacher Plant Gift for _ Etsy

This gift box is another great way to share your thanks and appreciation, with two 2.5-inch live succulent plants, a scented 2oz candle, colorful matches in a glass jar, and a beautiful greeting card. You can add your own personalized message, but also upgrade with a bar of soap, a mini rose quartz, keychain, lip balm, bath bomb, compass necklace, and See’s candies. 

SHOP – $22.99

Unique Pens

Personalized Beach Glitter Pens Birthday Gift Custom _ Etsy

Teachers always say that their pens walk away, so we’ve always loved to gift cool and unique pens that really will stand out in a classroom. It’s more obvious if they walk away, but with a personalized beach-glitter pen, you might also be inspiring your teacher or your child’s teacher to dream of their summer vacation. 

SHOP – $6.80

Fun Ways To Enjoy Coffee & Tea!

Teachers are able to manage early morning teaching, meetings, and classroom prep more easily with the help of their favorite coffee and tea beverages. So, why not find ways to support that habit? Give your teacher a little more caffeinated energy while showing them you appreciate all that they do. 

A Gift Card To Their Favorite Coffee (or Tea) Shop

Teachers get a TON of Starbucks cards, but Dunkin’ Donuts cards are more fun! They can get more out of their DD gift cards, and who doesn’t feel appreciated when sprinkles and frosting are involved? 

SHOP – Varies

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug² 12 oz Black TM191200US - Best Buy

Just when you thought that travel mugs couldn’t get any more high-tech, there’s the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. You can give this travel mug to your child’s teacher as a way to allow them to set the precise drinking temperature for their hot beverages. With the companion smartphone app, they can also track how much caffeine they’re drinking, with presets for favorite drinks and more. The LED lets your child’s teacher know when the drink is too hot, just right, or if the mug needs charging. 

SHOP – $199.99

Good Morning Tea Gift Set

Good Morning Tea Gift Set _ Morning Tea _ Uncommon Goods

Here’s another great way to let your child’s teacher wake up and enjoy the bright morning, with organic ingredients from small tea farms. It’s just the right morning caffeine dose to support heavenly sips no matter where they find themselves: in the classroom, playground, meetings, or beyond. 

SHOP – $38

Monogram Water Bottle

Monogram Water Bottle _ Anthropologie

Your child’s teacher needs water, but they probably don’t have time to keep filling it up throughout the day. These monogrammed water bottle options offer the perfect touch of personalization and a splash of color, while leaving them generic enough for any teacher’s personal preference.

SHOP – $25.60

Ways To Help Them Relax & Enjoy!

Don’t forget the obvious ways to brighten up the desk and day of your child’s teacher. Whether it’s a diffuser kit, a bouquet of flowers, a spa box, or a gift card, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the best options. 

Anthropologie x Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser Kit

Anthropologie x Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser Starter Kit _ Anthropologie

I really love this idea but not just because the teacher will appreciate it. One of my son’s teacher’s, a few years ago, used a diffuser kit to help the kids relax when they were stressed out during the day. It’s just another way for teachers to create a relaxing, safe, and productive atmosphere in the classroom.  

SHOP – $60.80

Bouquet Of Flowers

Urban Stems bouquet

We often love to get the teachers a bouquet of flowers or a nice potted plant. There are lots of other long-lasting options, including dried and silk flowers. But, if you’ve got the option, real flowers smell so great. They’re a great way to show your child’s teacher you appreciate all that they do for your child. 

SHOP – Varies

Gift Card To A Local Spa

spa gift card

Saying “thanks” is a start, but giving a gift card to a local spa allows your child’s teacher to relax and enjoy their time off in a way that words just can’t do. A gift card also allows them to focus on the relaxation techniques that they need the most without input from a classroom of screaming kids. 

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and Nook Gift Cards _ Barnes & Noble®

Teachers always give back to the kids in their classrooms, but they don’t always take the time to read books for themselves. A gift card from Barnes and Noble is a great way to give the gift of reading, which is also a great escape from all of life’s stresses. If they’re not in the mood for more books, the physical store or online portal offers great options for stationery, collectibles, music, and more. 

SHOP – Varies

Gift Card To Target

Target GiftCards _ Target

The teacher in your life can find virtually anything they need (or want) with a Target gift card. Whether they need desk supplies, a way to relax, snacks, or something else altogether, the money will let them get what they want or need the most. 

SHOP – Varies

Thank You Spa Box

Thank You Spa Box Appreciation Gift Box Self Care Set for _ Etsy

Every teacher you’ve ever appreciated should get a “Thank You” spa box. It’s a unique gift, complete with a scented 6oz soy candle, a natural scented bath bomb, natural moisturizing lip balm, handcrafted soap, colorful matches in a glass jar, and a beautiful greeting card. Beyond your personalized message, you can add a few extras like the eye mask set, satin scrunchies, a mini rose quartz, all-natural sugar scrub, nourishing body butter, luxury spa bath salts, a cactus pin, and even a compass necklace.

SHOP – $19.49


What are your favorite personalized teacher gifts for your child’s teacher? Sound off in the comments below. 

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