8 Crazy Fun Date Night Box Ideas To Build Your Relationship

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Date nights are crucial to keeping your relationship with your significant other strong and thriving. At their core, they’re a time for you and your significant other to spend time together. With work, kids, and all the other busy parts of life, it’s easy to get disconnected from one another. A date night is a great way to take some time out away from the kids. You might hire a babysitter or arrange for the kids to sleep over with family and friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect and remember why you fell in love to begin with. 

While a date night might be nice, it’s not always easy to fit it into your crazy-busy lives. That’s where “date nights in a box” come in. You can order these fun and entertaining boxes, and then put them to use when you have a free night, either by plan or happenstance. There are lots of ways to enjoy a date night in a box. Paint, play games, start conversations, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. 

Here are some ideas for date nights in a box. 

Crated with Love: Monthly Date Night Games for Couples Subscription Box

Amazon.com_ Crated with Love_ Monthly Date Night Games for Couples Subscription Box

This date night subscription box is a great way to get an infusion of ideas and fun for your date nights every month. Each month, you’ll receive relationship-building games based on the theme. Let yourself relax and have fun as you get adventurous, silly, and even a bit off-kilter. I love how these games make it easy to connect with your significant other as you learn, laugh, and grow together. 

SHOP ON AMAZON: $29.99 (for first subscription box)

Pottery Date Night Box For Two With Conversation Cards

Pottery Date Night Box for Two With Conversation Cards 9th _ Etsy

With this date night in a box, you and your significant other have everything you need to sculpt pottery, have great conversations, paint your pottery, and even enjoy some sweets and optional drinks together. The kit comes with ideas for date nights that go beyond the obvious date-night concepts. It’s the perfect way to get creative and have fun with your partner. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $78.53+

Date Night Ideas Generator Card Game For Couples

Date Night Ideas Generator Card Game for Couples Bridal _ Etsy

After you’ve been married or together with your significant other for a few years (or decades), it’s easy for your date nights to all blur into one another. With this little box of cards, you’ll have more than 100,000 ideas that will never get outdated or boring. The ideas vary from simple dinner ideas, but you can also delve into movie options, and mix it up with challenge cards. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $24.99

Game Show Date Night Box for Couples

Game Show Date Night Box for Couples Date Night Ideas _ Etsy

This retro game show kit is a great way to find out how well you really know your significant other. The series of game show challenges puts a focus on your relationship while learning new things you may not have known, even after years of being married or together. Reconnect and have fun while earning bragging rights. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $39.99

Portrait Painting Date Night Box with Conversation Cards

Portrait Painting Date Night Box With Conversation Cards 2nd _ Etsy

This is the perfect activity box for a date night you and your significant other won’t soon forget. The kit comes standard with two cotton canvases, easels, paintbrushes, paint, and pencils for sketching. You’ll also find fudge, optional drinks, and a conversation card deck to give you some ways to start talking during your date. Share your enjoyment of painting by creating a portrait of each other. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $71.98+

Date Night Olympics Game, Double Date

Date Night Olympics Game Double Date Minute to Win It _ Etsy

This date night game is a favorite of José Bastón and Eva Longoria. You’ll find a range of challenges, with ways to make this game silly and fun. You can also play it as a double-date night game, or even as part of your family game night. With 45 challenges, there’s only one trophy, so who will win? My family loves this match-up game. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $29.99

Personalized S’mores Box

Personalized S'mores Box-s'mores Tray-s'mores Bar _ Etsy

Camping and making s’mores are always some of my favorite activities any time of the year. That’s why this s’mores box is one of my favorites. It’s a great way to have a cozy evening with your significant other. It’s a great (personalized) way to have an outdoor adventure with a sweet, gooey treat you love anyway.

SHOP ON ETSY: $40.50

Space-Themed Date Night Box

Space-themed Date Night Box Destination_ Space Bridal _ Etsy

This science-fiction date night box will have you imagining galaxies far away. Travel through space with GAIL, your Galactic Artificial Intelligence Liaison, as you face challenges. This kit is a fun solution if you love science fiction, using your imagination, and traveling through space on unique adventures. 

SHOP ON ETSY: $39.99


What’s your favorite type of date night box? Share your favorite ideas in the comment section below!

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