Unique Valentine’s Gifts For Everyone That Aren’t Candy or Flowers

You know how it goes: Valentine’s Day by the numbers. One set of sexy lingerie, dinner for two, a dozen roses…predictable. After two years of the pandemic, predictable is fine, but how about something that says ‘thanks for putting up with me during three variants, three vaccinations, and numerous mental breakdowns’?

Give a gift that lets your loved one know that you choose them every day and that you’re awfully glad they choose you, too.

Custom Cocktail Recipe Book

valentines day gift

This custom cocktail recipe book is a sweet way to commemorate your relationship. Think: an orange juice-based cocktail to mark your first trip to Florida as a couple. Or maybe a grown-up milkshake because you had ice cream on your first date.


Personalized Song Plaque

Every couple, no matter how cool, has a song. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rolling Stone’s Sympathy For The Devil or Ed Sheerhan’s now-classic Perfect – there’s a song that sums the two of you up perfectly. Celebrate it with this elegant personalized song plaque.

SHOP ON ETSY – $5.99+

WAFT Custom Fragrance

valentines day gift

The smell of cotton candy and salted pretzels can bring to mind a county fair. Likewise, the scent of buttered popcorn and soda can evoke a night at the movies. Create a customized fragrance that smells like your favorite place you go with your love.


Long Distance Lamp

Can’t be with your partner for Valentine’s Day? Gift this long-distance lamp that changes colors when you touch it, a sweet way to let ‘em know you’re thinking of them.


Custom Reel Viewer

valentines day gift

Sure, you can do wedding photos, or cute pics from date night. Or you can snap some pics in your fave lingerie and gift them to your partner in this custom reel viewer. Maybe leave it on the kitchen table, with a note that says, “meet me in the bedroom.” Or the garage. You do you.


It’s About Us Photo Album

In the age of smartphones, there’s something sweetly sentimental about an old-fashioned photo album. Gift your partner with a scrapbook-photo album of keepsake photos.


100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Dinner, movie, rinse, repeat. Movie, dinner, rinse, repeat. Dinner, no movie, rinse, repeat. Movie, no dinner, rinse, repeat. Shake things up with a scratch-off date ideas poster that will bring a bit of spontaneity to your love life.

SHOP ON ETSY – $28.99

Where We Met Personalized Map

valentines day gift

My husband and I met at a house party across the street from a football stadium, and this personalized map that showcases where we met would be a romantic spin on an otherwise typical story.


Long Distance Touch Bracelet

Jewelry is always a good idea, but a long-distance bracelet that you can touch whenever you think of your honey is a thoughtful gift.


Q&A A Day 3-Year Journal

There’s an old saying that goes ‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ Write your love story as you go along with this 3-year journal.


Personalized Ticket & Love Box

valentines day gift

Romantic little coupons are the best presents — and this one looks beautiful while offering a cover that can be customized with your partner’s name.


Winc Subscription

winc wine

If the two of you always find yourself reaching for the same kinds of wine, try this wine subscription service (and read our review of Winc!). You get new-to-you brands of wine without standing in the liquor store staring blankly at a wall of Chianti.

SHOP ON WINC – $29.95+

Embroidered Anniversary Date Hoodie

anniversary hoodie

Go highbrow and cool with a personalized anniversary hoodie (monogrammed with Roman numerals). Available in a handful of colors, though I love the clay brown colorway.

SHOP ON ETSY – $38.96+

Enameled Heart Cast Iron

valentines day gift 

Keep it cute and romantic with this 2-quart cast iron casserole dish. While you can use it for desserts and other baked goods, I’d use it to make popcorn the old-fashioned way, and then use the casserole to serve the popcorn. Make sure to let it cool first!

SHOP ON MACY’S –  $34.99

Personalized Engraved Fragrance Bottle

For a gift unlike any you’ve heard of before, you can get your favorite perfume bottle engraved with your loved one’s name. It would be equally thoughtful to have your anniversary date placed on the bottle…a sweet way to keep your special day close to your heart.



We love these unique and personalized for your bae Valentine’s Day gifts! Aren’t they better than the same old flowers and candy? Tell us below!

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