Choose Between These Expensive Activities And We’ll Tell You Which Disney Villain You Are

Choose Between These Expensive Activities And We'll Tell You What Disney Villain You Are
You’re Hades!

You often cope with your emotions by using humor, but when that doesn’t work, your temper flares up a bit. That being said, you are always the smartest in the room and people are attracted to you, no matter how much they might fear you every now and then.
You’re Scar!

You keep a grudge like nobody’s business. You have a mental (or physical) list of everyone who’s done you wrong in life and you hope to one day make it all right for yourself. That being said, you don’t let everyone who wronged you keep you from having fun.
You’re Ursula!

Your motto is “go big or go home” and you stick to that, always. You know exactly what you want and how to get it, and you won’t let anyone get in your way. You love the finer things in life and want to enjoy every minute of it.
You’re Gaston!

While some may not call you a villain, you are known to put your foot in your mouth every now and then. Your ego might need to go down a peg or two, and you might want to work on having a filter, but your intentions are always pure.


Being evil is expensive! Which Disney villain did you get? Tell us in the comments!

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