Tell Us If You’ve Read These Popular Books And We’ll Tell You What Plant You Are

Tell Us If You've Read These Popular Books And We'll Tell You What Plant You Are
You’re a snake plant!

You love any book that will help you improve your life. You’re always looking for self-help and self-discovery books to sink your teeth into. While people say not to judge a book by its cover, you’re drawn to beautiful book jackets, calming colors, and anything that will look pretty in your house.
You’re a cactus!

You love dark academia, thrillers, and anything that makes you stay up late at night. While your opinions aren’t always the most popular, everyone knows that your time to thrive is in the fall when everything gets a little spookier.
You’re a fiddle leaf fig!

You’re always up to date with the newest and the latest releases, and everyone goes to you for book recommendations. You can’t resist anything that a celebrity tells you to read or any book that’s been on a ‘top ten’ list. Your house is full of new and beautiful books and your TBR list is always overflowing.
You’re a monstera!

You love the classics and have a list of go-to books you’ve read a hundred times over. You may love to discover new books, but you always gravitate towards the ones that give you a nostalgic feeling. Books are your comfort items and you take great pride in that.


What plant did you get based on your reading habits? Tell us in the comments!

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