Start Investigating A Crime And We’ll Tell You Which Main Character From ‘Only Murders In The Building’ You Are

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Start Investigating A Crime And We'll Tell You Which Main Character From Only Murders In The Building You Are
You’re Mabel!

You’re the brains of every group you’re in. Whether people are wondering about pop culture or little-known facts, you always have the answers. You pride yourself on being in everyone’s business while no one is in yours. You’re private and keep to yourself, for the most part.
You’re Charles Haden-Savage!

You’re the storyteller of the group. You’ve experienced a lot in your life and you love to recount your stories and experiences to anyone who will listen. You’re always there to lend your (sometimes unsolicited) opinion and advice because, at your heart, you’re a loving person.
You’re Oliver Putnam!

You’re the goofball of the group who is often the bad influence, but everyone loves you for it. You’re the person people call to make them feel better, and you do it with pride. While your ways of doing things are unorthodox to say the least, you’re always putting a smile on people’s faces.


Are you Mabel, Charles, or Oliver? Tell us which character you got in the comments!

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