These 11 Cooling Pajamas Will Combat Menopausal Night Sweats

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Hot flashes, then chills, then burning, then freezing…you know, menopause sleep (or lack of sleep thereof). Sometimes you want menopause pjs that will keep you cozy, sometimes you want cool pajamas that won’t leave you drenched when you wake up the next morning.

If this is the case for you, I have good news: there are so many pajama sets that will ease you through menopausal nights. These are our recommendations!


Pact’s pj set is designed for max breathability, perfect for nights when menopause gets the best of you.

cool pajamas

SHOP – $63

This nightgown is flirtatious, taking you from cool night to brunch the next day.


SHOP – $59

Pima cotton makes this pajama set ultra absorbent, so you won’t feel sweaty waking up.

cool pajamas

SHOP – $95.99

SOMA uses what they call their “Cool Nights” fabric, made with lightweight rayon fibers, so this sleepshirt won’t stick to you in the morning.

cool pajamas

SHOP – $54

The last thing you want to do is trap heat in between your pajamas and skin. You don’t have to worry about that with these pajamas, thanks to the breathable bamboo material.

poppy pajamas

SHOP – $105

Eberjey‘s secret weapon is their super soft TENCEL technology, so this pajama set will feel cool to the touch.

cool pajamas

SHOP – $98

This set is made from pure silk. Like, 100% Mulberry silk. It’s hypoallergenic and naturally thermoregulating, and it feels comfortable against your skin.

SILK pajamas

SHOP – $99.90

I could pick every set from Lunya. Their washable silk set is their bestseller, though, thanks to its temp-regulating capabilities and low-back ventilation.

lunya silk pajamas

SHOP – $178

There’s a reason cotton is the go-to on hot nights and days. This cotton knit gown hangs loosely from your body, and the cotton is absorbent.


SHOP – $150

The palm trees — could this set get any cuter? The linen and cotton combination will help you sleep through the night, rather than tossing and turning through hot flashes.

palm tree pajamas

SHOP – $53

Keep cool in 100% rayon pajamas, which will stop sweat in its tracks. Choose from four different patterns — or order all four.

cool pajamas

SHOP – $45


Which pajamas are keeping you cool through menopause nights? Tell us in the comments!

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