The Best Cooling Blankets, PJs, Pillows, And Sheets To Keep Your Bed Super Chill

For years, I was tossing and turning from overheating at night. It was so bad, it was affecting my everyday life. I was exhausted all the time, making it hard to work, focus, and function in general. So, after much research on cooling blankets, pillows, pajamas, and bedsheets, I decided to invest in them.

Let me tell you: these products have been life changing, and I have never. slept. better. Now that I have insight, I’m here to share my secrets. I’ve collected some of the best nighttime products that will help even the most overheated get some cool, calming rest.

Why Am I Overheating?

Overheating is a total bummer, and while there are some obvious reasons, others may not be so clear.

The most basic: your room is too hot. If you’re like me, in California, it’s possible that your house doesn’t come with air conditioning. My AC unit is a life-saver, but I’m not a fan of the energy bill.

Next: you may be throwing off blankets and pajamas to try and lessen the heat, but you still wake up sticky because the fabric you’re sleeping on just won’t stay cold. Yep, been there. 

And last but not least: lovely menopausal hot flashes. While you may feel comfortable going to bed with your comforter and pajamas, hot flashes don’t care about your comfort. You can strip down and try not to touch anything, but somehow, your sheets will still feel like fire.

Here’s why you should invest in cooling blankets, cooling pajamas, cooling mattress pads, and more.

What To Look For In Cooling Sleep Products

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When you’re searching for products that will help keep you from burning up, there are many things to look for, all of which depend on the product.

In pajamas, you’ll definitely want moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. Cotton, bamboo, silk, and linen are the ideal fabrics to wear because they don’t trap heat and will catch sweat that may otherwise soak your nightgown.

The same goes for bedsheets: cotton, linen, and bamboo are best to keep you cool. There are some bedsheets that are made from polyester and microfiber with moisture-wicking capabilities, but look into their capabilities before purchasing.

Sick of throwing off your comforter? Same. Again: cotton, linen, and bamboo are best for cooling blankets. Even weighted blankets made from these materials can be lightweight enough to use, despite the heat.

On top of this, some cooling blanket brands use their own technology to remain cool. For example, Sleep Number has their own “37.5 Technology” to balance temperatures throughout the night, while Casper’s duvet uses Tencel and recycled polyester to stay cool.

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Pillows can also feel scorching to the touch. This is because the materials used usually aren’t very breathable, so they trap the heat from your head. Most solid foam used in pillows, such as poly-foam and tempurpedic foam, trap heat as well. But you don’t have to give up comfort for lighter pillows — just try shredded foam instead, so there’s more air flow. 

And finally, mattress pads: wool and gel are good materials to look out for. These will help regulate heat throughout the night, remaining breathable and complementary to your other cooling products.

So, what are the best products out there? We have the answers.

Best Moisture-Wicking Pajamas: LUNYA Washable Silk Set

Best Cooling Bedsheets: Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Best Cooling Comforter: The Buffy Breeze

Best Cooling Mattress Topper: Epic Chill 10x Cooler Mattress Pad

Best Cooling Pillow: Casper Foam Pillow

Best Cooling Splurge: Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

Best Moisture-Wicking Pajamas

LUNYA Washable Silk Set

LUNYA Washable Silk Set

LUNYA’s silk pajamas are perfect for those sweaty nights. Made from 100% silk, the fabric is thermo-regulating, with low-back ventilation and side slits to keep you cool.

One reviewer was extremely happy, saying “it’s so soft, easy to wash, [and] cooling on the body.” However, many reviewers noted that, despite being promoted as washing-machine-safe, it ruins the silk.

SHOP – $178

Runner-Up Cooling Pajamas

Best Cooling Bedsheets

Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

ettitude bamboo sheets

Made from 100% organic bamboo with a silky sateen weave, your night sweats are no match for these bedsheets. They’re hypo-allergenic, so even the most sensitive sleepers don’t have to worry about sniffling post-sleep.

The sheets speak for themselves, with 2,424 positive reviews raving about how cool they keep you. There are only 68 one-star reviews out of 2,895, with some mentioning the sheets being too small and most mentioning a delay in shipping.

SHOP – $198+

Runner-Up Cooling Bedsheets

Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

cooling blanket

If your weighted blankets’ beads keep moving around, it’s time to invest in YnM’s blanket. The bonus: glass beads help the blanket stay cool within the seven-layer fill, and the outer fabric is 100% bamboo.

It may be weighted, but that doesn’t mean you have to burn up or sacrifice a cool night. One reviewer said that the glass beads and bamboo fabric gave this blanket “a cooler, luxurious, super-soft texture.” One downside: the beads may spill out if you’re rough with it.

SHOP – $76.50

Runner-Up Cooling Weighted Blankets

Best Cooling Comforter

The Buffy Breeze

The Buffy Breeze

Buffy has high ratings for all of their products, so it’s no shock that their Breeze comforter has 4.7 stars out of more than 6,000 reviews. 

It’s a lightweight comforter made from 100% eucalyptus, both shell and fill, which is extremely breathable and will keep you cool. One positive reviewer said, “I am such a hot sleeper, and I have slept like a baby every single night since I’ve had it.” In a separate review, however, the writer found that “it wasn’t nearly as airy as Buffy claims.”

SHOP – $219+

Runner-Up Cooling Comforters

Best Cooling Mattress Pad

Epic Chill 10x Cooler Mattress Pad

Epic Chill 10x Cooler Mattress Pad

This mattress pad was built to be cooling. To explain: it has a “pressure activated REACTEX 10x cooling system that is tested to offer 10-times more cooling and chilling effect than other mattress pads without REACTEX technology.” Read: you can go to sleep and stay cool all night simply by…sleeping. Get ready for your best sleep yet.

One five-star review said that “within minutes of laying down, I could feel the pad reacting to my body weight as it seemingly pulled the heat from my skin and replaced it with coolness.” The lowest ratings were three stars, with one saying it was too cool. Hot sleepers, rejoice.

SHOP – $143.99 – $183.99

Runner-Up Cooling Mattress Pads

Best Cooling Pillow

Casper Foam Pillow

Casper Foam Pillow

The Casper pillow has three layers of foam, but they don’t trap heat thanks to the hundreds of perforations in the pillow. Air is free to circulate and keep your head cool while also supporting your noggin.

These perforations are game changers. One reviewer said that the “air pockets really help make it stay cool at night.” Keep in mind: it is a firmer pillow thanks to its foam, so it can cause kinks in your neck depending on how you sleep.

SHOP – $89 – $119

Runner-Up Cooling Pillows

Best Cooling Splurge

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

The ultimate splurge: this mattress, designed to keep you cool and comfortable, features five layers, including one layer which adapts to your body temperature to keep you cool, as well as a top layer of poly-blend fabric and copper fibers which are heat-wicking and cool to the touch.

Reviews say that it stays cool throughout the night, but some report that they have had back pain.

SHOP – $1,599+

Runner-Up Cooling Splurges


How do you stay cool at night? What are your favorite products? Let us know in the comments!

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