It’s The Best Time Of Year To Try A Weighted Blanket – We Share Our Experience

Kelly’s Experience

I have to admit, when I first heard of weighted blankets I thought it was just the latest hyped up fad item. I really believe marketing companies are preying on people with anxiety (which means most people) and using society’s ever growing acceptance and open discussion about depression and anxiety as a money grab.
But as time went on and I heard more and more of my friends and family discuss how much they loved their weighted blankets, I became curious. But I thought they probably weren’t for me. I tend to not like sheets or blankets on my legs and feet, for one, and I can get hot when I sleep and the concept of a weighted blanket sounded, well “heavy”- that’s kind of the point, eh?

weighted blanket weighted blanket

So when I received one as a gift, I’ll admit it sat unused for a bit. Imagine my surprise when I finally unpackaged it and climbed underneath and promptly… fell deeply asleep. I often have sleep issues, I fall asleep easily but have trouble staying asleep as I am a light sleeper and my husband is restless and snores. Somehow my new weighted blanket had the opposite effect I was expecting. Rather than trigger claustrophobia on my feet and legs the way my normal sheets and blankets do, where I feel tangled and trapped, I felt calmed and cradled. And rather than make me feel hot and heavy, the weight of the blanket while definitely heavy, wasn’t heating. The fabric itself actually feels cool to the touch.
I track my sleep with my Apple watch and a sleep app called Pillow. I can say definitively that using my weighted blanket improves the quality of my sleep and reduces the amount of times I wake in the night. I rely less on sleep medications or sleep aids and sleep more soundly through the night.

Emily’s Experience

Sometimes I wake up and just know I didn’t get good sleep that night. Often I notice that I wake up in a different position than how I fell asleep, and my sheets and blankets are all over the place from tossing and turning. When I started using my weighted blanket, I noticed that much of my typical tossing and turning stopped – I think this is because the weight of the blanket helps keep me in one spot all night, and keeps my body from being restless.

*Weight formula: Take 10% of your weight and add 1 lb. So a 150 lb person would want a 16 lb blanket. Keep in mind that weight distribution depends on the size of the blanket as well.

Never use a weighted blanket on an infant or toddler as there is a risk of suffocation.

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Here’s Our List of Highly-Rated and Loved Weighted Blankets:

weighted blanket
YnM Cotton Weighted Blanket - $49.90
This weighted blanket comes in multiple sizes and weights, so you’ll be able find one that will best fit your needs. It also includes duvet ties, and the shop has duvet covers available for purchase as well. Premium glass beads and breathable cotton make this blanket a great choice for pretty much everyone, and it has over 17,000 5-star ratings!
weighted blanket
Luna Weighted Blanket - $59.99
This is an awesome weighted blanket because, in addition to having different size/weight options, it also comes in a variety of colors and patterns! It is made with glass beads inside dense fabric squares to ensure the best possible weight distribution, and has over 6,000 great reviews.
weighted blanket
Walmart Temperature Balancing Blanket - $34.97
If temperature control is a big thing holding you back from getting a weighted blanket, try this affordable temperature balancing option. It’s still made with premium glass beads and distributes weight across your body, and is made with temperature control technology designed to keep you from overheating at night. It also comes with a removable and washable cover.
weighted blanket
Target Faux Fur Weighted Blanket - $69
The faux fur material of this weighted blanket gives it an added level of coziness without compromising quality or price. It’s weighted with microbeads and is machine washable, and even comes in a trendy leopard print option to add a pop of pattern to your favorite cozy spot.
weighted blanket
Bearaby's Cotton Napper - $249
This extra-comfy weighted blanket is unique in that it’s only made from cotton, without including any glass beads or microbeads. Its weight comes from the thick, layered cotton of its knitted design. This option is a little more expensive, but Bearaby offers a payment plan to make it affordable for everyone. This ultra-luxurious knit blanket will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it!
weighted blanket
Pine & River Bamboo Weighted Blanket - $159
This eco-friendly weighted blanket is made from bamboo viscose, and is a great sustainable option for your home. Bamboo viscose is also known for its softness – it’s softer than cotton! Bamboo also helps regulate your temperature while you sleep.
weighted blanket
Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket - $299
This extra-heavy (35 lb!) weighted blanket is designed for couples, and is the perfect choice for you and your partner. It comes with a dual-sided, machine-washable cover with a cozy side and a cool side, giving you full control over your temperature needs. It’s also hypoallergenic! Purple offers a payment plan to ensure this blanket doesn’t break the bank.
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