Weighted Blankets Will Help You Fall Asleep Easily — These Are The Best 11 Out There

I was gifted a weighted blanket for Christmas years back. I have anxiety and ADHD, and the gifter thought it would help my chronic worrying, which tended to lead to horrible insomnia. I also am a hot sleeper, and this weighted blanket supposedly kept you cool, despite being 15 pounds.

I looked at the blanket and thought, “No way this is going to help me sleep. It’s just heavy.” But I didn’t want to offend the giver, so I told them I’d try it and give them my review.

Did I want to lie about using it? Yes. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try. If I didn’t like it, I could kick it off and worry without 15 pounds pressing down on me. 

I fell asleep easily that night with the blanket. And I woke up refreshed.

Magic? It seemed like it, certainly. So I decided to do the research and learn why I was able to sleep so well — and the info is interesting.


Why Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets put pressure on your body, obvs. But it’s not because it’s trying to trap you in one place. Instead, it’s a form of deep pressure therapy.

Deep pressure therapy is used by occupational therapists to help ease sensory issues, as well as ADHD and anxiety. By applying pressure to the whole body, you release chemicals including dopamine and serotonin, and you soothe the sympathetic nervous system. It essentially turns off your “fight or flight” state of being.

When it comes to sleep, deep pressure therapy is especially useful, helping to lower stress levels and produce melatonin. With these processes happening within your body, on top of the already-present happy chemicals and calmed sympathetic nervous system, you drift off easily.


So, weighted blankets aim to mimic deep pressure therapy. You’re advised to choose a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight in order to feel the positive effects — too light, and you’re not receiving enough pressure; too heavy, and you feel less hugged and more crushed.

On rough nights, I still sleep with mine. My blanket never fails me when I need it, and the weighted-yet-cool embrace gives me comfort, like a tight, loving hug. 

Want to try one? We have some solid recs that will give you the most snug sleep of your life.

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Our Weighted Blanket Picks

1. Weighted blankets don’t have to trap heat — Gravity’s cooling weighted blanket has a removable, breathable, moisture-wicking cover.

weighted blanket

SHOP – $205+

2. Chunky, pre-washed knit cotton makes this blanket’s texture cozy and soft, mimicking your favorite throw with added benefits.

cotton blanket

SHOP – $199+

3. It’s called the “Wicked Cozy” blanket for a reason — fleece keeps you warm and comfy.

wicked cozy blanket

SHOP – $119+

4. Spiritual spenders, rejoice: aside from glass beads, this blanket is filled with clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst.

crystal filled blanket

SHOP – $269

5. Never worry about beads gathering in one area, thanks to this blanket’s box-quilt build.

sealy weighted blanket

SHOP – $89.99+

6. Affordable doesn’t mean lower quality. Using baffles, the blanket’s eco-friendly glass beads remain evenly distributed for ideal deep pressure therapy.

affordable dpt blanket

SHOP – $79.99

7. This weighted blanket is double-sided: one for hot nights, and one for when it’s cool.

weighted blanket

SHOP – $149+

8. The cotton in this blanket is breathable, but it still gives a gentle squeeze.


SHOP – $90+

9. The fabric shell in SHEEX’s cooling blanket wicks moisture, so you won’t wake up dripping despite the weight.

weighted blanket

SHOP – $79

10. YAASA has their own knitting technique for their 100%-cotton blanket that promises comfort in feel and weight.

YAASA blanket

SHOP – $299+

11. The bamboo fabric will always feel cool to the touch, making this blanket perfect for hot sleepers.

weighted blanket

SHOP – $85.48+


Do you sleep with a weighted blanket? Does it help? Tell us below!

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