Affordable Holiday PJs For The Whole Family (Even The Dog!)

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While I’d never glorify the pandemic, I do find myself constantly seeking the silver linings: striving to, as the Brits sang merrily in Monty Python, “always look on the bright side of life.” So when I ponder what good may have emerged from the last year-and-a-half-plus, I can identify at least a few things: scientific innovation, telehealth and telework, the hilariously iconic  “I’m-not-a-cat” meme, and slob-chic style.

Wait… “slob-chic” is a thing? You bet it is, and I’ve been perfecting the art since our governor declared a statewide stay-at-home order (or, if I’m being honest, even earlier than that). As one astute writer for The New Yorker put it, slob-chic is “what to wear when there’s nobody to dress up for except your cat — and Zoom.” 

Which brings me to pajamas, because what could be more comfortably slob-chic than chilling in your cozy fleece PJs? It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say I’ve spent more than half my time in sweats or sleepwear for the last, oh, I can’t even remember how long. In fact, I nearly plunged into a state of panic when a friend invited me to see Cirque du Soleil’s new Christmas show in December, because that dress code is decidedly not slob-chic, and I can’t recall if I even own a skirt or slacks anymore. Jeggings, maybe, at best?

The good news with the holidays, though, is that — fancy occasions aside — not only is it considered perfectly acceptable to unwind in your comfiest PJs this time of year; it’s downright adorable to show off matching sets with your beau or entire family (holiday themed, of course). Bonus points if you’re wearing matching onesies, and extra bonus points if you’ve included your pets in the dress-up fun.

I mean, how cute are Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell all dolled up with their pups for Christmas? I usually dislike horizontal stripes on anyone, but these two (er, four!) melt my heart.

Even action-hero Bruce Willis took a break from badassery last #QuarantineChristmas, to pose for a matching “aww” moment with his family. Who knew the Die Hard dude could look so delicate?

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With slob-chic now becoming trendier than ever, I think we can all agree to banish the ugly Christmas sweater tradition for good. At least with holiday jammies, you can wear them again and again on those dreary, rainy days when you just want to Netflix and chill. “I feel like hanging in today, so let me change into my itchy wool sweater from that holiday party,” said no one ever.

Okay, you’re convinced. But, let’s face it, you can pick up an ugly sweater off the clearance rack at Walmart at a moment’s notice. How do you look cute like those couples without emptying your already-ransacked wallet?

Fear not, dear reader. I’ve already traveled down this rabbit hole, and I’m about to share my hidden treasures with you. After all, I am the uncontested Queen of Slob-Chic. Read on! 


Ideas For Couples

Maybe you and your S.O. already set the bar high when you dressed something like this beloved TV couple for Halloween (it’s Jack and Rebecca from “This Is Us,” of course — with the triplets in tow!) 

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Now you need holiday outfits that are at least as creative or snazzy. Whether you’re planning a casual party or a photo sesh for your upcoming holiday cards, you’re sure to dazzle your friends when you and your plus one show up wearing:

Christmasy Hooded Zipper Onesies

Christmas Family pjsThese cutesy, candy-cane-colored onesies look invitingly soft and warm, while giving off the perfect peppermint vibe. Plus, these jammies come with pockets!

Material: Polyester and Spandex

Shop Now: $30.99 – $42.99 

Full-Zipper Fleece Jumpsuits

christmas pjs

Red may be the new black, but you and your beau can rock both when you sport this pocketed plaid.

Material: Polyester

Shop Now: $39.99 – $47.99

Plaid Onesies — With Buttons!

christmas pjs

More red-and-black plaid! But these onesies come with buttons instead of zippers (cool, no getting stuck), and they’re hoodless in case you’re worried about tangling your hair.

Material: Polyester, Spandex, Vinyl

Shop Now: From $17.45

Satin Two-Piece Suits

christmas pjs

As cute as they are, onesies can be a pain to deal with, especially during that dreaded time of the month. Two-piece PJs are fun and fashionable, too, and these solid-colored sets look extra soft and silky.

Material: Ice Silk Fabric

Shop Now: $17.08 – $23.80

His & Hers Lettered T-Shirts

christmas pjsThese clever matching tees give a whole new meaning to the seemingly innocent lyric, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”

Material: Cotton Poly-Blend

Shop Now: From $17.56

Hanukkah Menorah Flapjack Onesies

christmas pjs

Let’s not forget about Hanukkah! These blue-and-gold PJs are bright and cheerful for the Jewish holiday, and they even feature a flapjack on the back. (If you just thought, “Isn’t a flapjack a type of pancake?”, you’re not alone. Don’t worry, I looked it up — basically, it’s a convenient flap for your butt.)

Material: Combed Cotton

Shop Now: From $47.99

His & Hers Nutcracker Thongs

christmas pjs

Okay, these PJs are definitely NSFW. But hey, what better time than the holidays to have some sexy fun? As the description reads, “Sure you’re going to crack his nuts, and sure he’s gonna give you his little wooden soldier, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about?” Why not?

Material: Nylon, Spandex, Cotton Liner

Shop Now: $16.99 ($8.99 for subscribers)

Ideas For The Whole Family

Need to dress up (er, down) the entire clan this holiday season? Not a problem! In fact, like Dax and Kristen, you can find matching PJ sets that even include your precious pets. Check out the following holiday outfits that will keep your fam cozy on the outside and warm and fuzzy on the inside:

His & Hers Snowman Flannel Sets

Not only is flannel super warm and comfy, but the snow(wo)man smiles are so contagious that you’ll attract a flurry of attention from your friends.

Material: Cotton Flannel

Shop Now: From $28.00

Reindeer Plaid Suits

christmas pjs

Oh deer! “Do these antlers make me look phat?” You bet they do, all while rocking that popular plaid. The dog does look a little dejected, though, that her bandana doesn’t play the same reindeer games.

Material: Cotton

Shop Now: From $19.99

Elf Plaid Sets

christmas pjs

“What the elf” are these outfits? Cute and clever, of course, especially for the growing elves (and animals!) in your family.

Material: Cotton

Shop Now: From $10.99

Fleece Polar Bear Sets


If you prefer polar bears on your PJs, these snow-speckled sets are for you (plus, the polar bears are wearing Christmas scarves!). The navy-blue fleece looks soft as the snow, and the collars seem super breathable. 

Material: Polyester

Shop Now: $29.99 – $79.99

Candy Cane Stripes

If you dig the fleece but crave the candy-cane style, your fam will look fresh and festive in these vertical peppermint stripes.

Material: Polyester

Shop Now: $27.99 – $79.99

Diamond-Studded Onesies

christmas pjs

Everyone will “shine bright like a diamond” (and keep warm) in these cozy cotton jumpsuits. 

Material: Cotton

Shop Now: Custom

Smiling Santa Stripes

I love everything about these PJs, but my favorite part might be the Santa slippers. Or maybe the snowball poofs. Or the red-and-green color scheme? Love it all. Are the cookies and mugs included??

Material: Polyester, Spandex

Shop Now: From $16.99

Red Checked Printed Suits

Simple and stylish, you won’t have to splurge too much for these extra-affordable checkered suits.

Material: Cotton

Shop Now: From $13.99

Flannel Grinches

Calling all Dr. Seuss fans! It’s hard to stay in a grinchy mood when your pajama grinches are so gleeful.

Material: Polyester Flannel

Shop Now: From $46.00

Hanukkah-Themed Jams

Happy Challah-Days (and Happy Llamukkah) from our family to yours!

Material: Cotton

Shop Now: From $5.99


What matching holiday pjs will you and your fam be wearing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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