These Gorgeous Tea Kettles Will Be Your Stovetop’s New Centerpiece

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There’s something about November that always makes me a bit nostalgic. The neighborhood kids have come down from their trick-or-treat-induced sugar highs; the tree branches are becoming bare as the few leaf stragglers can no longer hang on for dear life; and the biting winds remind us that it’s time, once again, to dig out our warmest winter sweaters. 

It’s the time of year when I wistfully reminisce about my grandmother’s cozy winter meals, punctuated by the unmistakable whistling of the tea kettle, signaling to me and my brother that our favorite cold-weather treat — marshmallow-laced hot cocoa — was on its way.

I guess I never inherited my grandmother’s patience, but as a young adult I used to shy away from tea kettles, opting instead to toss a mug into the microwave (I know, sacrilege) in order to sate my craving for chamomile or Swiss Miss. But we’ve come a long way since my college dorm years, and tea kettles have gotten fancier and more functional. Plus, tea and kettles are totally in vogue these days — Jennifer Lawrence recently had a kettle on her wedding registry, and Lady Gaga even wrote an ode to her favorite drink.

It’s been oolong? I love it.

But back to nostalgic November. Whether the chilly change of season has inspired a mission to revamp your kitchen, or you’re getting ready for the upcoming holiday gift-giving spree, a brand-new tea kettle can bring some much-needed warmth to anyone’s life this fall. With so many styles out there, we had some difficultea (groan) choosing our favorites, but here are a few of the best tea kettles from every category.


Best Decorative Kettles

Even if you’re not a daily tea drinker or kukicha connoisseur, an eye-catching kettle can make your stovetop look snazzier. If your focus is on design more than function, check out these decorative styles:

Kate Spade Black Deco Kettle

best tea kettle

This simple, polka-dotted pot comes in multiple pastel colors and brings some light-hearted energy to your kitchen. In keeping with its playful theme, the kettle’s spout is engraved with “Whistle While You Work” — so you can’t help from humming along.

SHOP – $60

Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle

pink teapot

Also available in an assortment of pastel shades, this creatively shaped kettle is sure to make your stovetop “shine bright like a diamond.”

SHOP – $45.99

Vintage Copper Turkish Teapot Tea Kettle

With its red and copper floral design, this Turkish double kettle exudes an air of elegance and looks like a centerpiece you might find at an upscale Middle Eastern restaurant. 

SHOP – $89.99

White and Gold Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Set

best tea kettle

This loose-leaf teapot boasts an equally elegant pattern of gold and white leaves, but has a more delicate style redolent of Japanese fine dining.

SHOP – $24.49

Rainbow Whistling Tea Kettle with Infuser

rainbow tea kettle

If your kitchen’s theme is more flashy and fun, this jazzy kettle can electrify your space with its shiny rainbow glow.

SHOP – $24.99

Plum Flower Cast Iron Teapot

plum tea kettleWith its soft neutral colors, this kettle will warm your kitchen (and your soul) on a cold, dreary morning. The plum-blossom design, a Japanese symbol of strength and renewal, also hints at the promise of spring.

SHOP – $29.99

Best Practical Kettles

Decorative kettles are pretty and all, but if you’re like me, you’re more often focused on function than design. Especially when it’s freezing outside, I care less about what my tea kettle looks like and more about how fast it can brew me a hot drink. Fortunately, most modern electric kettles boil water more efficiently than the old-fashioned whistlers of yore. Here are some of our favorite kettles for practical purposes:

Smarter SMKET01-US Electric iKettle

best tea kettle

This kettle isn’t just smart; it’s Smarter. The iKettle pairs with your smart assistants (“Alexa, boil my water”) and connects to your smartphone so you can control the features remotely. The Smarter app lets you order your favorite brands of coffee and tea, customize your water temperature, set alarms, check the water level, and more — even if you’re away from home but craving that inviting mug as soon as you walk in the door.

SHOP – $99

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

best tea kettle

The Cuisinart brand never disappoints with kitchen appliances, and this electric kettle is no exception. With 1500 watts of power, the PerfecTemp boasts fast heating and offers multiple preset heat settings, so you can achieve just the right temperature depending on the type of tea, coffee, or instant soup you desire. The PerfecTemp kettle can’t connect to your smart devices, but its intuitive one-touch controls still make it easy to operate. The product even features an internal memory (so you can save your preferences) and a sleep mode to shut it down automatically in case you walk away.

SHOP – $99.99

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

smart kettle

With its sleek modern design, the Stagg EKG is a must-buy almost based on aesthetics alone. But at $159 for a kettle, you’d hope for a product that does more than just look pretty. The Stagg EKG delivers on plenty of high-tech features, including an LCD screen that clearly displays the desired and real-time temperatures of your brew. The 1200-watt power can heat your water nearly as fast as the Cuisinart, and certainly more quickly than most electric pour-over kettles. Plus, the handle provides a sturdy grip for the perfect pour, so you won’t spill hot tea all over your surface or shirt. If you turn on the “hold” function, the kettle can maintain your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes; otherwise, it will go to sleep.

SHOP – $189.95

ECORELAX Gooseneck Electric Kettle

GOOSENECK electric kettle

As its name implies, the ECORELAX kettle is designed to provide an eco-friendly, relaxed experience for tea and coffee drinkers alike. The kettle includes mostly the same features as the previous models — intuitive buttons, fast boiling, and automatic shut-off — but also boasts its consistency of premium raw materials (for pure water flavor), ergonomic spout and handle, improved energy efficiency, and safe frosted coating for a smooth user experience. The surface is smooth, too, as it’s purposely scratch resistant — so it will always make your stovetop shine.

SHOP – $55.63

Mueller Ultra Kettle M99S Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech

best tea kettle

A tea kettle with an LED? I knew that any product with “ultra” in the name had to be pretty rad. The Mueller kettle isn’t as high-tech as some of the other electric kettles, but at under $30, it’s a great value. Besides the fun LED lights, this kettle boasts “SpeedBoil circuitry” to heat your water quickly, and the product also emphasizes its safety features — automatic shut-off, anti-slip grip handle, and premium glass material for safe heating. If you’re accident prone like me and seeking a price that’s not too “steep,” go for the ultra kettle.

SHOP – $29.97

UpdateClassic Travel Portable Foldable Electric Kettle

portable tea kettle

When we’re talking practicality, how could we forget portability? This cute little kettle is designed specifically for travel. The UpdateClassic electric kettle is lightweight and collapsible, yet still durable — perfect for that emergency cup o’ joe on the go.

SHOP – $18.99

Best Samovars

Those functional, electric kettles can throw you a lifeline on a chilly, nostalgic November day. But even the most high-tech models still have their limitations: capacity. Sure, a couple of liters are great for a Netflix-and-chill night with your beau, but what do you do when you’re hosting a crowd? 

The samovar — literally, “self-boiler” — is the answer to your party prayers. This traditionally Russian metal container, with its large, urn-shaped body can boil much more water at a time, so you can serve a whole household of guests at your next holiday gathering. You’ve probably seen samovars most commonly at the buffet table of your favorite restaurant, but you can order a version for your own space, too. These samovars are perfect if you’re the gal who loves to entertain, in the home or at the office:

SAKI Electric Samovar


Like the description states, the SAKI electric samovar unites oriental influences with a modern, chic design to provide an efficient “happy station” for your tea-seeking guests. The keep-warm function maintains your tea at optimal temperature for hours at a time, so a fresh cup is always at arm’s length. Plus, the materials are 100% food grade and BPA-free.

SHOP – $129

Acorn Gold Russian Electric Samovar Tea Maker

Sure, this model is on the — ahem — steep side, but whoa, is it elegant and shiny on top of its functionality. Made from Russian brass, the Acorn electric samovar stands out in its design; it also boasts a boil time of under 10 minutes, which is super quick for three full liters of water. Like most other electric models, the Acorn has an automatic shut-off function, too. But seriously, did I mention how shiny it is? This samovar unites all of the elements of a royal kettle — decorative, practical, and definitely crowd pleasing.

SHOP – $303.99

Zarifi Samovar Turkish Tea Kettle

best samovar

Again, let’s not forget the portable models. This super-affordable samovar not only has the largest capacity (four liters), but it may also be among the most versatile on the list, even though it’s not electric. Designed primarily for camping enthusiasts, hikers, and other outdoorsy folk, this kettle is usable with wood and charcoal, so it easily functions as a barbecue, also. Hot beverages and burgers, all at once? I’m almost inspired to agree to a tent-camping adventure after all. Well, almost. Fortunately, this and other portable kettles advertise that they work well for “glamping,” too.

SHOP – $48.55


Whether you’re a kitchen fashionista, a hot-tea aficionado, or a gal who prides herself on her parties, there’s a kettle to match every perfect personality.

Which type are you, and what products do you love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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