Do You Know Your True Bra Size? Most Women Don’t, But It’s An Easy Fix

Does your bra fit you?

I mean, really fit you? 

You may think you’re wearing the right size brassiere, and you might be right – but that’s only if you’ve been professionally measured and fit for one. 

And since approximately 80% of women are never fitted for a bra, only 20% of the world’s boobs are in the right sized cups. 

We need to change that and make sure our breasts are comfy and in the correct size bra — it’s crucial for physical comfort, looking good, and feeling good!


The Guessing Game

My boobs didn’t develop until age 16, and “developed” sounds nicer than saying they erupted out of my chest overnight.

Am I exaggerating? Probably. But the way I remember it was I went to bed flat-chested and woke up with big boobs. 

There were no training bras or easing into my new womanhood — they were just suddenly there. 

My mom took me to Bloomingdale’s, where we picked out some bras that looked about right size-wise. 

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The 36C’s seemed to fit so we bought those and I wore that size for 15 years. No one ever measured me and I never gave it a second thought. 

Until I was fitted for a bridesmaid gown and got professionally measured. The woman said my size was 32DD and I said “Excuse me, what? I’m a 36C.”

To which she replied, “Honey, you are most certainly a 32DD — the tape measure doesn’t lie.”

I’d been wearing the wrong bra size for most of my adult life. 

Don’t be like me. Get professionally measured and fit for a bra. We talked to Maureen Soto, manager of Lace Silhouettes Lingerie, a boutique in Princeton, NJ (they have locations in PA and FL as well) about all things bra-related and why it’s necessary to be measured!

Q: What is the correct way to measure for a bra?

A: First you want to measure band size, which is under the bust, and you want to go as tight as you can; then measure 2-4 inches past the tightest point (depending on comfort). 

For cup size, you want to measure around the middle of the breast — count from the right nipple (if someone else is measuring you) and count however many spaces it takes to get to the very middle of your chest. 

“Traditional bra sizes are a combination of letters and numbers. The number portion of the size (the 34 in 34C for example) represents your band size or the measurement around your rib cage just below your breasts,” according to the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. 

“The letter portion of your bra size is your cup size. To get this you’ll need your bust measurement. Measure around your chest again this time placing the measuring tape at nipple level. This is your bust measurement. Get your cup size by subtracting your band size from your bust size. If the difference is 1 inch your cup size is an A, 2 a B, 3 a C, etc.”

It sounds tricky — that’s why a trained professional should do it for you! It’s never fully accurate when you measure yourself.

Q: For some, their bra size is ever-changing. How often should you be measured (or re-measured) for a bra?

how should a bra fit

A: You should be fitted 1-2 times a year depending on weight gain/loss.

Q: Even if we don’t factor in hormones, pregnancy, or gravity, should measuring be an ongoing thing?

how should a bra fit

A: Always. I would say once a year even if you think nothing has changed — the slightest weight gain or loss can affect not so much the size, but the shape of the breasts, and that way you can get a proper fitted cup and band.

Q: It’s estimated that 80% (including me lol) have or are wearing the wrong size bra. Why do you think women haven’t been informed until recently to get measured?

A: Other than a lot of women feeling scared or insecure to get professionally fitted, I think we were taught that once you have a bra size then that’s your size forever! 

Which is not the case. I myself made the same mistakes and just assumed I was the same size since high school!

Q: You do professional bra fittings. Some people may not be able to get to a place to be professionally measured. Is there an accurate way to do it themselves?

A: Honestly, measuring yourself is never fully accurate. We tend to not measure ourselves “firm enough.” That’s why having a fitter do it for you is the way to go! 

If someone can’t make it out to see us we offer video chats to help the guest measure herself and that we can also see what we are working with.

Q: Why is it vital to wear a bra that fits correctly?

A: Any little thing can affect our size. You want to be supported and have the girls right where they are supposed to be! 

You look better in your clothing and you just feel more confident in a proper fitting bra!

Q: Wearing the wrong size or ill-fitting bra can cause skin irritation and possible neck and back problems (if you’re well-endowed). Proper support is important, yes?

how should a bra fit

A: Always! The right bra can make you look 10 pounds lighter and feel 10 years younger, which doesn’t hurt!

Q: What can people expect at a bra fitting?

A: Bra fittings are quick and painless. 

We take you into a fitting room and depending on the guest’s comfort level, we can measure just over the shirt if need be. 

Measuring is a starting point. You never really know until you have a bra on to then determine what the proper fit is for you.

Q: How long does a bra fitting typically take?

A: On average, about 15-20 minutes. It’s quick!

Q: Are some women shocked when they find out they’ve been wearing the wrong size or were off by A LOT? 

A: Very much so! Sizing has changed a lot throughout the years, too. The average bra size in America right now is 34DD.

Go Get Fitted!

This is not a drill, take your girls to get fitted, STAT. 

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Not only will you be more comfortable physically, but wearing the right size bra makes you feel more confident about your appearance. 

Trust me, I speak from “wearing the wrong size bra for over a decade” experience. If you’re in the central NJ area or one of their other locations, head to Lace Silhouettes Lingerie for a professional fitting!

Free Bra Fitting Kit

If you want to measure yourself at home and need more than a tape measure to feel secure you’re sizing correctly, there is a bra fitting tool kit you can order online!

how should a bra fit

You can fill out the form and they’ll send you a free bespoke Linnoco bra fitting tool kit — it comes with a measurement chart, written instructions, helpful pictures, and a measuring tape.


Have you been professionally measured for a bra and do you know how a bra should fit? Tell us below!

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