Surprise Your Favorite Outdoor Enthusiast With These 22 Gifts

It’s the perfect time of year to treat your favorite nature enthusiast.

Whether you want to give them a gift that makes them smile, or one that will encourage them to get outside and enjoy their surroundings, here’s a list of some ideas you might find useful!

An outdoorsy person is always in need of a lot of different things. Sure, you can get them a new pair of socks, some trail mix, or maybe a flashlight. But if you want to go beyond the basics, we’ve rounded up some unique gifts that will be sure to impress any outdoor lover on your list.

These are useful gifts for everyone who loves nature — whether they’re into night runs, quiet walks or back country camping.


Hiking Candle

On days when your favorite nature-loving bestie can’t get outdoors, gift her the next best thing: a candle which brings the scent of the outdoors inside. The candle burns for an impressive 40+ hours and comes in breezy scents with names like Campfire S’mores, Explore More, and Get Lost.

SHOP – $25

Yeti Lowlands Waterproof Blanket

Cold temperatures are temporary, and warmer days are ahead. This is why the insulated Lowlands blanket is a product your camper friend should keep at the ready. They can use the waterproof material for everything from an outdoor concert to a camping trip, or a picnic in the park. Available in two colors.

SHOP – $199.99

Moonlight Necklace

Who wouldn’t want a pendant featuring mountains and the moon framed by a shiny triangle? The necklace is handmade by a women-owned workshop in Montana and brings the perfect down-to-earth-yet-upscale vibe.

SHOP – $30

National Park Print

These retro National Park prints would look perfect in an invisible frame, hung in clusters in a family room. Choose between their favorite parks like Big Bear, Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Yosemite, or Zion.

SHOP – $21.60

Explore Camper Van Sticker

Celebrate their dreams of van life with the Explore Camper Van Sticker. The adorable sticker clocks in at under five smackeroos and would look perfect on their laptop, water bottle, or cooler.

SHOP – $4

Personalized Scratch Poster National Parks

Help them document their travels with the thoroughly modern personalized scratch-off National Parks map. Let the artist know what you’d like to title their poster (think ‘Smith Family Adventures’ or even ‘Where We’ve Been’), then use a coin to reveal the places they’ve been.

SHOP – $25.59

Wanderlust Coordinate Keychain

They’ll take their happy place with them when they carry the Wanderlust Keychain. The cute set showcases the outline of a mountain on one disc, with the GPS coordinates of their favorite place on the other.

SHOP – $25.07

Mountain Mama Mug

The rustic font and modern art of the Mountain Mama mug lets your favorite mountain mama drink in her love of the outdoors. The mug holds 15 ounces of her favorite bevvie and is made by a woman-owned workshop in Montana.

SHOP – $20


There’s nothing cute about shitting in the woods, folks. Sure, she’ll probably bring her own water along for her outdoor adventures, but she should always be prepared in case she’s forced to drink water from a questionable source. The makers of the filtered straw promise it removes 99.99% of bacteria and parasites, including e. coli, salmonella, giardia, and cryptosporidium. The device also removes microplastics from the water supply.

SHOP – $12.99

Lodge Wildlife Series Cast Iron Cookware

The best thing about this five-piece cast iron set isn’t how sturdy it is (it’s plenty sturdy) or if it’s pre-seasoned (it totally is). The biggest selling point for the set of skillets is the beyond-adorable wildlife scenes engraved on the surface. Gift the whole set away, or split it up and gift each one individually with a recipe for chili and cornbread.

SHOP – $199

Wild And Free Sticker

Show the world her wild side with the wild and free sticker. She can attach it to her water bottle or on her laptop.

SHOP – $4

Yeti Panga 28 Liter Waterproof Backpack

Backpacks are the handbags you take into nature. So you might as well make ’em cute. This version by Yeti has an airtight seal and a thick nylon shell, which is both puncture and abrasion-resistant. Your favorite backpacker can wear it on the trail or on the town; it’s functional (and stylish enough) for both.

SHOP – $299.99

Life Lived Well: Adventures At The Edge Of The Map

On the nights when their last trip feels like it was a lifetime ago, they can thumb through the pages of Life Lived Wild: Adventures At The Edge Of The Map. The story of Rick Ridgeway’s adventures will see them through to the next time they can hit the great outdoors.

SHOP – $26.55

Camping Ceramic Mug

The stars above have never looked lovelier than on this camping mug. The navy mug and white ceramic flecks perfectly mimic the night sky, and a pastoral scene of a tent nestled between a septet of pines provides a calming “Wish You Were Here” vibe.

SHOP – $16

Reusable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

By now, we’ve all seen that video of plastic straws floating in the ocean…so, it’s time, my lovelies. Time to tuck travel-friendly cutlery sets in your overnight bag, that is. The set works for your outdoor adventures, of course, but I actually have two similar sets that live in my suitcase — doing away with the non-fun activities of trying to find cutlery on the fly. I’ve used it to eat takeout from San Francisco to Amsterdam to Rome.

SHOP – $14.99

Hike Passport Journal

They can keep track of where they’ve been (and where they’d like to go) with the thoughtful Hike Passport Journal. Log the trail names and distances and they’ll always have a thoughtful history of their travels in the great outdoors.

SHOP – $9.99

Gatorade Sweat Patch

Your outdoor-savvy BFF probably isn’t drinking enough water, so have them apply the Gatorade Sweat Patch and scan it while they work out. The GX app will let them know if they’re hydrating adequately (they probably aren’t, but that’s what the patch is for, after all).

SHOP – $24.99

The Coldest Water Bottle

Apparently, some people prefer room temperature water. I don’t understand those people, because the best thing after a long hike is a sip of icy water. The makers of The Coldest Sports understood the assignment, creating a double-walled flask that will keep ice-cold for up to 36 hours.

SHOP – $33.99

Personalized Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool

A girl has gotta have her gadgets, and this 12-in-1 multi-tool has everything a girl needs: a hammer, a screwdriver, a nail file, wire cutters, a straight knife, and a bottle opener (among others). While the tool is innovative and totally badass, don’t try to get this past TSA, loves.

SHOP – $44.99

Shroom Two Person Hammock

On the whole, I am suspicious of hammocks. I don’t trust their construction, and I don’t like the idea of leaves falling on my face while I recline. That said, Shroom Two-Person Hammock seems sturdy, and dare I say…pretty? The mushroom print is beyond adorable, belying the holds-up-to-400-pounds while swaying gently in the wind functionality of the hammock.

SHOP – $85

Uni-Sex Girlfriend Collective Sparrow Everyone Full-Zip Fleece

Okay, I own just about everything from Girlfriend Collective and believe me when I say that the Everyone Full-Zip Fleece is like getting hugged by a teddy bear while resting comfortably inside of a marshmallow. The fleece wicks moisture away from the body…and the full-zip is a nice touch (why does almost every pullover have to be a half-zip? I don’t get it). She can wear this on wintry hikes and stay warm and cozy.

SHOP – $132

Survival Gear First Aid Kit

Sure, lingerie and jasmine-scented perfumes are sexy, but you know what’s sexier? Being prepared. She can keep at least one of these 125-piece Survival Gear First Aid Emergency Kits on hand, and the next time someone complains about a splinter in their palm, she can cozy up to them and whisper in their ear: “I’ve got just the thing.”

SHOP – $19.99


Do you love these outdoorsy gifts as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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