20 High-Tech Gifts The Techies In Your Life Didn’t Even Know They Needed

Tech gifts are hot this Christmas. Whether the gifts are for your kids, parents, spouse, siblings, or grandparents — tech is universally loved when it makes life easier and more convenient (and more fun!). And let’s be real: the men and women in your life deserve electronics that will serve them (so you don’t have to, mom). That’s amore, baby.

If you’re at a loss for what gifts to buy your husband who has every Apple product available, or the kid who seems bored already by 2020 tech, we have your back. These gifts will be appreciated and admired by every techie in your life, because even they didn’t know they could have a garden without a green thumb. Nice job, lady — you’ve saved a plant’s life.


This water bottle will alert your husband to get off of the computer and hydrate, while also tracking his water goals.

tech gift water bottle

SHOP – $59.95

If your son is the type to forget about his coffee for hours, this stainless steel travel mug will keep his drinks warm all day via the mug or its app.

smart mug

SHOP – $215

This adorable bluetooth keyboard can connect to tablets, even offering a space on the console to place them so your daughter can work without a hitch — no more awkward balancing.

bluetooth keyboard tech gift

SHOP – $36.99

It’s not your standard sous vide. Anova’s Precision Cooker can be controlled and monitored through an app, and it offers 1,000+ recipes if they don’t know what to make first.

precision sous vide

SHOP – $129.95

The Bartesian simplifies cocktails — just choose a capsule, the desired strength, and your wife has a flawless cocktail. Perfect for that host who would rather socialize than make margaritas.

cocktail maker tech gift

SHOP – $349.99

Make the perfect Lemon Drop with Barsys Smart Coaster. Place a glass on the coaster, choose your drink, and follow the app’s instructions. Boom: she’s made a delicious Lemon Drop.

smart coaster system

SHOP – $149.95

We’ve all almost fallen asleep in the car (…right?). This portable espresso machine makes a quick cup no matter where your dad is. It’s his dream travel companion.

tech gift espresso machine

SHOP – $64.95

Your mom has fallen asleep with the lights on (again). Instead of walking all around the house in a groggy stupor, she can use these smart plugs and control every electronic in her house.

smart plug

SHOP – $49.99

As a woman, I want headphones that let me cancel out all noise when working and let me hear my surroundings when walking. These ergonomic headphones will give your loved ones that comfort and safety, too.

headphones as tech gift

SHOP – $149

Long holiday flights are less than ideal; this portable charger gives your daughter the ability to charge her electronics in-flight.

portable charger

SHOP – $32

Switch from Monet, to da Vinci, to husbands’ birthday trips with a digital canvas that allows them to show off art and memories — together.

digital canvas tech gift

SHOP – $399.95

Your wife can attach Air Tags to items she can’t seem to stop losing, then thank Apple for assisting her busy brain.

APPLE tags

SHOP – $29.99

Skip the notebook scanning — Remarkable 2 is digital, so your mom can take meeting notes and then share as a PDF, MP4, and/or JPEG.

digital notebook

SHOP – $129.99

Oculus was a (literal) game-changer — Oculus Quest 2 ups the ante with new and updated features for the best gaming experience.

oculus kit tech gift

SHOP – $299

Your standard valet, but a lot cooler. Aside from holding the necessities, this one offers wireless charging for his phone. Add a monogram for extra class.

electronic valet

SHOP – $175

If your daughter just can’t seem to keep plants alive, this Smart Garden offers LED lighting and a built-in water tank to keep the greenery growing.

smart garden

SHOP – $104

This portable printer allows photos to be printed on the fly — perfect for that son/daughter who’s been long resigned to storing their memories on their phone.

photo printer tech gift

SHOP – $129.99

No one likes a cold razor (or the razor burn that comes with it); this heated option will give your husband a smooth shave without the goosebumps.

heated razor

SHOP – $149.94

Not the best with makeup? Or maybe you have a daughter just getting into it? This electronic mirror suggests products and will show her (or your bestie) how to apply makeup by analyzing features like fine lines and dark spots.

makeup mirror tech gift

SHOP – $199

Look. It’s a planter that levitates. Does it get any cooler than that? No. No it doesn’t.

levitating planter

SHOP – $122.99


What electronics are you gifting the techies in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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