Artists Will Adore These 19 Gifts That Say “I Love Your Creativity, Please Make Me Things”

Years back, I had a partner who was a serial artist. Drawing, painting, calligraphy, sewing…they were a little obsessed. (And so was I, because I received the cutest gifts.) So, I became pretty solid at finding the best gifts for creatives.

However, even I didn’t think about these products, which would have made their day. Hence why I’m presenting to you the perfect, artistic gifts for every hobbyist, crafter, and creative in your life. You’re welcome, and also, enjoy the insane influx of gifts.


This monogrammed cup and palette combo features slots for a paint brush, as well as six cups and a slab for paint.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $80

Scan this gadget across any item and immediately receive the color’s paint match.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $99

They can connect this drawing pad to their monitor, grab the stylus, and create to their heart’s content.

electronic drawing pad

SHOP – $299.95

Dark coffee snobs will enjoy tasting notes of cherry and chocolate in this super strong roast — the world’s strongest coffee, in fact.

SHOP – $19.43

Pretty earrings that are perfect for a painter, and yes, that alliteration was on purpose.

paint earrings

SHOP – $21.50

This book will guide them through using gouache, opening up a new world of painting.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $16.59

If they just can’t find the right color of yarn, help them dye their own courtesy of this kit.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $85

Stop their frustration in its tracks with a hand lettering book that’s meant to calm.

hand lettering book

SHOP – $17.49

Know a storyteller with writer’s block? The Storymatic Classic is bound to inspire with six trillion potential stories to think up.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $29.95

Perfect for beginning writers, this toolbox fills in for the English teacher they wish they’d had.

writer's toolbox

SHOP – $21.68

The perfect gift for the artist who does it all, thanks to its accommodation for every creative endeavor.

apple iPad pro

SHOP – $999

Photographers can capture in-the-moment candids and print them out immediately via this Bluetooth photo printer.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $99.99

Rather than buying them tapestries, gift this kit, which will teach them how to weave a personalized tapestry they’ll love.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $55.99+

The Cricut Maker 3 cuts, engraves, irons…you name it, it does it. The essentials bundle comes with Smart Iron-Ons, Smart Vinyl, and Smart Sticker Cardstock. 

CRICUT bundle

SHOP – $459.99

This mug press can create custom monograms and artwork, so everyone in the family has a designated coffee cup.

gifts for creatives

SHOP – $179

Have a musician in the family? This portable synthesizer lets them create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

portable synth

SHOP – $1,299

The Instax Mini is perfect for photographers who don’t want to lug around their vintage polaroid cameras.


SHOP – $131.22

Trace designs with a light box bright enough to cut through even the thickest fabrics and papers.

light box

SHOP – $62.99

We had to include a card game full of Monet paintings, perfect for the art connoisseur.

MONET card game

SHOP – $16.95


What are the most creative gifts for the beloved artists in your life? Give us your recs in the comments!

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