These Workout Gifts Will Make Your Favorite Exercise Junkie Scream “Merry Fitmas!”

My running friends and I always share a little joke around the holidays: while most Americans celebrate Black Friday after Thanksgiving, we celebrate Black Toenail Friday. 

That is, we lace up our best sneakers to run to the parks or the trails, not to the big-box stores.

I mean, every marathon maven knows that weekends are sacred for long runs. We plan our weekends around our running, not the way around. And if we were stuck in “doorbuster” lines that circled the parking lot, our anxiety levels would spike as we faced a veritable Sophie’s choice: seize the discount, or seize the run.

But just because we can’t stand still enough to endure Black Friday lines, doesn’t mean we don’t love our gear and gadgets. Especially during this chilly season when it’s tough to stay motivated, a brand new exercise toy makes workouts way more fun, both indoors and outdoors.

And chances are that not only do you know a few exercise junkies; you actually have to shop for some of us.

Here’s a tip: we don’t want jeans or sweaters for Christmas, and we definitely don’t want fancy dress shoes. If you want to make us jump up and down with glee this season, the best gift you can give us is something that supports our active lifestyle. 

Don’t know where to start? Check out these 25 items from every exercise enthusiast’s wishlist:


Gifts For At-Home Exercisers

The Sculpt Society Weights, Bands, & Slider Kit

What’s about to become even more crowded than a department store on Black Friday? Your local gym in January, of course! But now, you can help your bestie avoid the droves of New Year’s Resolutioners with this “spicy” set of weights, bands, and sliders she can use to work out at home.

workout gift set

SHOP – $125

Bala The Power Ring Set

Here’s another convenient set for your at-home strength session! With rings ranging from five to 10 pounds, this kit is suitable for the more agile fitness fanatic.

exercise rings

SHOP – $168

TRX Band Kit

Want to get even fancier than sliders, bands, and ankle weights? The TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) suspension system uses a combination of gravity and your bodyweight to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core, and stability. Don’t worry if you feel like your head is spinning — the kit comes with access to the online TRX Training Club, which will teach you all the powerful moves! 

workout gifts

Shop – $99.99

Gifts For The Gym Or Studio

Gymshark Everyday Gym Bag

If the gym rat on your shopping list is undaunted by the January crowds, she’ll look confident and stylish when she struts to the locker room with this bag slung over her shoulder.

gym bag

SHOP – $35

Alo Yoga Gym Bag

Need a gym bag that carries all your gear plus your sweaty clothes? This duffle has room for that and it doubles as a snazzy weekender bag.

duffle gym bag


SHOP – $288

Alo Yoga x Saint Laurent Yoga Mat

Speaking of yoga mats, show your friend she’s a warrior rockstar with this star-studded rubber mat!

yoga mat

SHOP – $190

Lululemon Belt Bag

For the minimalist gym junkie on the go, this lightweight belt bag has just enough room for your keys, wallet, phone, and other small essentials.

belt bag

SHOP – $38

Baggu Nylon Belt Bag

This belt bag is pretty stylish and utilitarian, too!

baggu belt bag

SHOP – $48

Gifts She Can Wear

Gymshark Training Zip Up

This comfy zip-up jacket is perfect for indoor workouts and outdoor excursions alike. Not only does the jacket feature a full-length zipper down the front, but the zipped pockets on each side will protect her keys and cards while she’s crushing those burpees or sprints.

zip up hoodie

SHOP – $45

Performance Gripper Ankle Socks

It’s not just your lungs that need to breathe during a workout — so do your feet, and these Bombas socks are super breathable. Plus, the non-slip gripper fabric will ensure that your flexible friend can stand her ground during those hardcore yoga poses.


SHOP – $55.50

Slip Silk Hair Ties

And while we’re talking non-slip, you also want to keep your hair out of your face while you’re holding downward dog. These silk scrunchies won’t tug on your hair like traditional hair ties, and plus, they’re sparkly for the holidays!

silk hair tie

SHOP – $20.25

APL TechLoom Shoes

Female athletes love shoes just as much as the next gal, but hold the pretty pumps — we want footwear that helps us fly. The TechLoom Wave sneakers achieve just that by featuring proprietary Propelium technology coupled with maximum comfort, whether you’re on the run or just having fun.

white sneakeres

SHOP – $225

Apple AirPod Pros

Nothing boosts a killer workout like some killer beats. With these noise-canceling earbuds, your friend can pump up the jam on her jumping jacks.

airpods pro

SHOP – $182.97

HidrateSpark Pro Water Bottle

This isn’t your average sparkly water bottle — it’s a smart sparkly water bottle. Perfect for that friend who needs a nudge to hydrate, this bottle uses Bluetooth technology to track your water intake and tell you when it’s time to drink. The vacuum-insulated material will keep your beverage cold, too!

smart water bottle

SHOP – $69.99

Smart Jump Rope

For those coordinated enough to skip rope without tripping (ahem, not me), this LED-embedded smart rope will not only jumpstart the perfect plyo but also track your jump count, workout time, calories burned, and other fitness metrics.

smart jump rope

SHOP – $79.99

Apple Watch

If your fitness friend is a serious athlete, she may already wear a fitness tracker on her wrist. But from Fitbit to Apple and Garmin to WHOOP, there are constantly new models on the market, and who doesn’t love a good upgrade? We love the Apple Watch, but you can browse our other favorites in this article.

apple watch

SHOP – $499

Fitness Log

But maybe she’d prefer to keep things simple and old-school cool, in which case a pen-and-paper logbook is perfect, too!

fit log

SHOP – $38.99

Gifts For Workout Subscriptions

Alo Moves Membership Gift Box

This annual membership is perfect for the energetic gal who loves to dabble in everything! The subscription includes 24/7 access to video classes in yoga, meditation, and other workouts for an entire year. Hell, maybe your workout buddy will invite you over for brunch and bootcamp!

alo moves membership

SHOP – $99

ClassPass Gift Card

Sure, home workouts can be a blast, but sometimes you push harder in a live class with fellow fitness buffs. ClassPass lets you choose from various classes at gyms and studios throughout your area. This gift is also perfect for the newbie who wants to try a gym before she buys a membership.


SHOP – $50+

Gifts For Refueling

Hungryroot Subscription

When you work hard, you get to play hard, and you also get to eat hard. But who has the energy to go food shopping when she’s wiped out from the gym? Consider dinner done with Hungryroot, which delivers fresh groceries to your door coupled with healthy recipes for an athlete’s feast.


SHOP – $65+


And obviously if they’re constantly chopping and cooking up a nutritious storm, you need to invest in a bullet-type blender, too. We love the Nutribullet, and you can find our other top picks in this article.


SHOP – $99.95

Gifts for Recovery

Therabody Theragun 

As a runner, I love, love, love the Theragun for sore muscles. Trust me, it is not your ordinary massager. It’s simply the only boyfriend you’ll ever need, and you’ll never want to go anywhere without it.


SHOP – $299.99

Foot Massager

Another massage toy? Yes, please! With its focus on the feet, this deep-kneading massager is another heavenly choice for the rugged runner in your life.

foot massager

SHOP – $139.99

Double Roller

While not as aggressive as the electric massagers, this dense double foam roller provides a more gentle relief of muscle tension and tenderness. Shake it out in the workout, then roll it out in the recovery!

foam roller

SHOP – $58

Ahava Eucalyptus Bath Salt

And speaking of gentle recovery, this soothing eucalyptus bath salt turns your bathtub into an immersive spa experience, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to drift into dreamland.

bath salt

SHOP – $20.40


What did you think of our picks? What else is on your Christmas list for your favorite fitness fanatic? Let us know in the comments!

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