If You Love Schitt’s Creek, Take This Quiz To Discover Which Iconic Character You Are


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Schitts Creek Quiz
You’re David Rose!

schitts creek quiz

You’re always a little skeptical that things will turn out fine, but you love being pleasantly surprised. While you have a high view of yourself, you also treasure the people around you and would do anything for your loved ones.
You’re Alexis Rose!
You stand out in every crowd and that’s the way you like it. You know how to get the most attention and have spent years curating how people see you. You are one of a kind and should be celebrated for your authenticity and your accolades. While you love the attention you get, you do wish some would see your inquisitive and deep nature, but it’s, like, totally fine.
You’re Johnny Rose!

johnny rose

You often feel like you’re the glue that holds everyone together -- if left without you, who knows how people will fare? While you make some mistakes every now and then and become the butt of the joke often, everyone who knows you loves you, and you’re an integral part of every group you’re in.
You’re Moira Rose!

schitts creek quiz

You know you’re a star and you hold that title dearly. While some could describe you as a ‘diva,’ you’re more of an eclectic, high-class wine. Not for all, but great for a few. You have so much wisdom and love in your heart, you just wish people would work a bit harder for your accolades.
You’re Stevie Budd!

stevie budd

You’re a hard-working go-getter. While some people have life handed to them on a platter, you’re usually the one serving the platter. You may not have lofty goals, but your dreams are something you hold very dear and you want to accomplish them.
You’re Patrick Brewer!

schitts creek quiz

You’re a total romantic, but not everything always goes to plan. While you love romance, you’re usually the only one in your close friend circle who is keeping everyone and everything together. You want life to turn out perfectly, but you know that that won’t happen if you don’t work for it.

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