We Know Which Big Bang Theory Character You Are Based On Your Starbucks Order


big bang theory quiz


big bang theory quiz


big bang theory quiz


cold brew


big bang theory quiz


mochas and macchiatos


big bang theory quiz


cold drink






starbucks lunch


big bang theory quiz


big bang theory quiz

Big Bang Theory Starbucks Quiz
You’re Sheldon Cooper!

sheldon cooper result

You’re the logical person in your friend group. You always look at problems from every angle and won’t give up until you’ve solved them. While you may have some habits or ticks that annoy others, you don’t mind because they have gotten you to the top and made you the strong and brilliant person you are!
You’re Raj!


You can get in your head often and don’t feel too comfortable in most social situations. You’re brilliant, but most of your knowledge is rooted in book smarts, not street smarts. You love the finer things of life and often expect them in your daily life, whether you worked for them or not.
You’re Penny!

penny big bang theory

While some may underestimate you, you’re often the one who leads the group when you go out. You always have something fun planned and a way to get exactly what you want. You may not be the most book-smart person in the group, but you’re certainly not the token dumb friend, and you make sure everyone knows that.
You’re Leonard!

leonard big bang theory

You often find yourself over-explaining the simplest things to everyone. It seems demeaning to others, but your intentions are always to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one is left in the dust. You’re fiercely loyal to your friends and you’re passionate about a few niche interests that would cause some to label you as a ‘geek.’
You’re Howard!

howard result

You have a high view of yourself and that translates to how you interact with others. Not all your social interactions hit home, but they’re all memorable to say the least. You may not be the smartest in your friend group, but the things you have accomplished in your life are nothing to frown at.

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