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Simpsons Character Quiz
You’re Homer Simpson!

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You may not always have the right answer (or any answer at all), but your big heart and comforting presence makes up for anything you might lack. You know that as long as you have your family to go home to, everything will be okay at the end of the day.
You’re Bart Simpson!

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You have a rebellious streak and you don’t try to play by the rules -- where’s the fun in that? While you may not always be on your best behavior, you show up when you need to and you do your best to make your family and friends proud. Your fun spirit always makes everything a little more interesting.
You’re Lisa Simpson!

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You always have everything together and everyone knows it. You’re the person everyone looks to when a problem comes up. While you can be seen as uptight, you really just want things to always work out the way they ought to and there’s no one better to be in charge of that than you.
You’re Marge Simpson!

You’re the mom everyone wishes they could be. You’re cool in the face of danger and always seek to have fun above everything else. That being said, you’ll fight tooth and nail for the causes you believe in.
You’re Maggie Simpson!

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People underestimate you often, but they don’t after they see all that you’re capable of. You’re strong and protective of your family and those you love. You never let anything get under your skin, you simply fix any problem that arises and go back to your calm routine in life.

Which Simpsons character are you most like? Do you agree? Let us know below!

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