Spice Up Your Solo Play With These 5 Erotic Audio Resources For Women

I hate watching porn. And not in the “ew-porn-is-horrible-ban-it” kinda way – ladies, watch what gets you going! It’s just not for me. Plus, it’s rarely women-pleasure-centric, and visual sites based on women’s pleasure charge (the pink tax of porn, sigh). I’ve mainly stuck to my dirty lit erotica, so when I was assigned an article to write about audio erotica, I was slightly nervous…but mostly intrigued. Could erotic audio be a total game changer for women?


Erotic audio, also known as audio porn and audio erotica, has a few different variants, giving women choices for their own experiences. 

Some erotic audio is people reading sexy stories, usually interjecting with moans and lust-filled sighs within the plot. Other audio erotica consists of narration of what’s happening during a solo sesh, or includes just the sounds of a romp session.

Erotic audio is usually more for women. Partially because it’s not a video of some guy jack-hammering, and partially because it contains all the fun aspects of porn with the added ability to imagine what’s going on in your head, not on a screen.

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Women also flock to audio erotica because it shares the core values of ethical porn: there’s less of a chance that the participants are mistreated, and everyone feels pleasure during its creation. Ethical porn is meant for everyone – just like erotic audio. On top of this, it’s consensual, never toeing the line between “this is obviously planned” and “is this planned?” in your usual visual porn. Are you sold? 

I certainly was after reading about it. And after lots of researching and “testing,” I’m giving you the best audio sites and podcasts that will turn up the heat – consensually and with respect, of course.


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Audiodesires states in their FAQs that their erotic audio was “created for women and couples.” They confirm what I explained earlier: you hear stories or sounds and use your imagination to create the visuals. This way, you can manipulate the audio to feed your fantasies. When it comes to the type of audio erotica they use, they “add in immersive sound effects to bring the fantasy to life” during professionally-written stories.

They also have a rating system, with one peach meaning the story is flirtatious and sweet, two peaches meaning it’s passionate and exciting, and three peaches meaning it’s hot and kinky. On top of this, they tag their stories with the sex acts involved, as well as the narrator. This way, if you find a narrator who really turns you on, you can find the voice actor’s full catalog.

For limited access, it’s completely free. For premium access, it’s only $4/month. Again, pink porn tax, but worth it.


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“quinn girls finish first” is quinn’s tagline, and I’m kind of obsessed with the feminism they exude on their homepage. They acknowledge that most erotic audio isn’t geared toward women, so this app is made by women for women.

quinn is cool because it tells you what voice the narrator uses (like gentle or rough), what kind of audio it is (girl on girl, in public, first time), and which user the voice belongs to. Some users even allow you to submit your name – for example, one narrator moans it upon request (he has 2,266 plays in total on his page). You can also go to playlists filled with sexy audios, with different genres including “Proceed with Caution,” “Teacher’s Pet,” and “Quickies.”

quinn is $4.99/month, so if it’s not working for you, you’re not locked in.

Dipseaerotic audio for women

Dipsea is a women-founded erotic audio site, so I already knew it would be right for me. Plus, they make sure their stories are “relatable,” “feminist,” and “celebratory.” The result: really hot sex stories that don’t feel fake, like so much of the visual porn out there. (You can only watch a plumber randomly have sex with the female apartment-owner so many times, mixed with shitty dialogue.) 

When asked why Dipsea matters, the founders explained that “women deserve better erotic inspiration.” And this is true, at least for me. The porn I’ve seen is often made solely for men, and I can’t relate to that. Dipsea’s erotic audio specifically for women, however, falls in line with where my imagination goes. And I can absolutely relate (or imagine relating) to the images I’m envisioning in my head.

You can subscribe to Dipsea for $12.99/month, or $59.99/year. So, if you fall in love with audio erotica, it’s definitely worth it to pay an extra $47 at once.


emjoy is specifically made for women to normalize our sexuality through “no-frills, real facts, and real fun” erotica audio stories – 100+ of them.

This app is a unique one, and I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel using it. Not because of the sexual aspect, but because they have audio related to body acceptance and image, sexual wellbeing, and figuring out what you like sexually. It was almost…weird(?) to feel like an erotica site cared about my deep-seated issues. But I didn’t let that deter me, and I’m glad it didn’t.

emjoy is $16.99/quarter, or $29.99/yearly. Honestly, even if you think you’ll only use it on occasion, go for the year-long subscription for that extra $13.


Ah, Literotica. Literotica is where most find short, to-the-point, steamy written stories (hence the name). But they have an entire section dedicated to audio erotica, too! And unlike some of the previous apps and sites, it’s completely free to everyone.

The recordings are rated from one to five stars, and they have a red symbol next to stories that are highly-rated. Anything goes on Literotica, but most of the audio is of masturbation and sex sessions. It’s a bit of a clunky site (aka not aesthetically pleasing), and the organization and tagging is pretty rough. But it’s free and gets the job done, so really, who am I to complain?

My Thoughts

Overall, erotic audio is where it’s at for women. Partially because yes, it’s hot as hell, but for another reason, too: it’s real. There are no fake breasts or blurred-out cellulite in audio porn. Everything you see, you see inside of your head.

This means that you can be the star of the show and not compare yourself to the woman in the video (who usually looks unrealistic). Same goes with a partner — you don’t have to imagine yourself having sex with that porn star who you’re not really that attracted to. Instead, you can imagine your partner, someone you’re attracted to, or a celebrity. Anything goes in erotic audio.

I much prefer the voyeuristic feel through listening as opposed to watching. Think: hearing a couple through the door rather than watching a video of a man get his way the entire time. Ugh, no thank you, I’ll take the sexy voices instead. And so should you – make yourself and your pleasure the star of these stories! In summary: yep, I’ve joined the dark side of erotic audio, where women actually get to enjoy themselves. What a concept.

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Have you tried listening to erotic audio? What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments!

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