These Are The 3 Best Tips When It Comes To Anti-Aging Skincare

Finding the best skin treatments can be a case of trial and error. When we’re trying to reverse the signs of aging, we’ve got to consider wrinkles, skin tone, and make sure our skin has that elasticity that can help us look youthful. What are the things that we need to consider as part of a comprehensive anti-aging skincare routine?


Use a Gentle Cleanser

Cleansing is crucial to remove any skincare product that you apply throughout your day. When you use a cleanser, this means any other products can enter your skin and work better. It’s important to have a gentle cleanser as it preserves your skin barrier. Choose cleansers with a low pH. 

Always Use Sunscreen

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You have to protect your skin from the sun, no matter the time of year. Even when there is cloud cover, the sun is able to permeate. The sun’s UV rays can break down your collagen, and cause pigmented patches to develop. A daily application of SPF 30 can make a big difference. 

Do Not Rub on Your Anti-Aging Serums

Infographic designed by Revinia Benefits of Lifting Agents in Skin Care

Lifting and firming agents are great for your skin’s elasticity, as you can see in the infographic above, but it’s important that when you apply anti-aging serums, you need to pat them onto your skin, this will make sure you are applying a heavy concentration of it to the right area.

Lifting agents are a great way to increase collagen in the skin and can soak up oxidative stress that can contribute to the signs of aging.


What are your best anti aging skincare tips? Tell us in the comments!

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