Converse’s “Renew” Sneakers Step Toward A Sustainable Future

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Converse has not only been a staple in everyone’s footwear wardrobe at some point, but also an icon across Hollywood with cameos in every movie we can think of. The iconic shoe brand recently took a step toward sustainability with Converse Renew.

Their new sustainable line shows their commitment towards a waste-free future, and we can’t get enough.


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When talking about the new drop of their sustainable line, they said, “​​We re-engineered knit and repurposed scraps from the manufacturing process to move your favorite style icons toward a zero-waste future.”

Their latest line is a fun stretch knit with a crater foam sole made from 12% recycled rubber. They have done shoes in the past for their sustainable line with renewed cotton, denim, and canvas.

A big corporation like Converse taking a step towards sustainability is huge, and we couldn’t be more excited to shop.

In this day and age it’s common for big companies to do some greenwashing — claiming to be more sustainable than they are and then upcharging.

While Converse is still producing their normal shoes, it’s refreshing to know they created a fully sustainable line with scraps from their manufacturing.

Their Converse Renew sustainable line is more expensive, but not by much. It’s not perfect but they’re striving to make a difference. That’s what matters. 

We went through their entire sustainable line and these are some of our favorites!

The burnt orange color of these high tops screams “autumn.”

SHOP – $95

These chucks’ pattern matches your favorite, cozy sweater — and they feel like one, too.

SHOP – $90

These kicks are your classic black Converse, but with a futuristic take.

SHOP – $75

“Love your mother,” with a picture of the Earth? These shoes are super cute while promoting sustainability.

SHOP – $65

If you’re looking for soles that stand out, The Run Star Hike Craters should be your next purchase.

SHOP – $135

These are the original, but sustainable and with five cute color options.

SHOP – $80

The Vintage Canvas Chuck brings back the OG high tops in five different colors.

SHOP – $85

The fabric of these low tops is breathable, so you can wear them even during warmer weather.

SHOP – $55

You’re gonna wear socks with your Chucks, so why not choose their Renew no-show socks?

SHOP – $14


Are you a Converse fan? Will you be snagging any of their Converse Renew sustainable shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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