Alicia Silverstone Teams Up With Son, Bear, To Deliver Sweet Memories Via TikTok

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Cher Horowitz is on TikTok!

In the two months since actor and Clueless star Alicia Silverstone created her account, she has amassed 3.2 million followers. 

Not only has she recreated scenes from the blockbuster 1995 movie, but she has the most adorable co-star — her son, Bear. 



Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok. 😉💛😘 #Clueless #AsIf

♬ Ugh… As if – Alicia Silverstone

Her first post showcased Silverstone in THE yellow plaid blazer, with No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl’ playing as she catwalks toward the camera. 

Bear, who is 10-years-old, comes on stage right and puts his arm around his 44-year-old mom. 

Cue the line “Eww! Get off of me! Ugh! As if …” while she shoves Bear away. 

But unlike the movie, where the random dude never reappears, she pulls her son back into view, embraces him, and kisses the top of his head. 

SQUEE!! How cute is that??

Turns out her son is a fan of the move, hence his wanting to film the video with his mom. 

In 2020, Silverstone told Entertainment Tonight that when she took then 8-year-old Bear to a screening of the film at a cemetery, he came up with ideas for a sequel.

“He’ll bring little things [about the movie] up,” she said. “One night we were laying in bed and he wrote Clueless Part 2 and what/where Cher would be. It was unbelievable what he thought. She was an alcoholic, but he didn’t say those words. He was like, ‘She drinks a lot and maybe she’s a makeup artist? Like a professional makeup artist.’”


Answer to @twiceadaymj I was NOT expecting that answer from Bear😂

♬ Crazy – Aerosmith

In another TikTok, the duo answered a fan question, which was “what is Bear’s favorite project that you’ve been a part of?”

His answer? Her appearances in three Aerosmith videos

She was as surprised as anyone else, doing a double take at her son, asking, “What?? Are you serious?” and then laughing. 

Bear rethinks his answer and changes it — “No, Baby Sitters Club.” 

I loved her in those videos too, so Bear, you were right on both counts. And points for his retro throwback!!


We were wondering what our dog was thinking about… and we couldn’t agree more. We stand with you Britney💕 #FreeBritney #BritneySpears

♬ …Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

They also jumped on the thought bubble trend, posting “We were wondering what our dog was thinking about … and we couldn’t agree more. We stand with you Britney💕.”

The thought bubble appearing over their dog read “Free Britney💕” — and we can all agree on that. 

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A post shared by Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone)

The pair has an incredible bond which Silverstone posts about on her other social platforms, including a video tribute to Bear on his 10th birthday. 

“Just thinking about all of the amazing, beautiful memories we’ve had together as I’ve watched him grow up,” Silverstone wrote on IG in May. “Bear is so kind and curious. Full of life and joy and good vibes. By far my favorite person to walk through the world with. Thoughtful, empathetic, loving, and darn right adorable.”

Silverstone is pretty active on her socials, so we’ll probably see more Tiktoks of the duo — and “I hope not sporadically.” 

That’s a Clueless quote, and if you didn’t know that then I don’t know how to help you. 


We hope you loved the Alicia-and-Bear cuteness as much as we did! Which one did you love the most? Comment below!

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