Black, Bold, Cute, Comfy — Wear These 10 Jumpsuits For Maximum Chic

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I have been a fan of jumpsuit dressing for years (I’m wearing one right now, actually). The jumpsuit look works well during any season and any occasion – casual or dressy, black or bold. And if you are looking for something that requires next to no thought, then this style should definitely be at the top of your list.

I love wearing my favorite jumpsuits because they look great all year round but especially during the cooler months when I can switch up my look by adding more layers.

Keep scrolling to discover a jumpsuit for every season, from summer through winter.


Jackson Sleeveless Jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

I own this in every color (I’m wearing the navy as I type this). Since the weather is a bit cool, I’ve layered a short sleeve cashmere sweater over the top to keep the chill at bay.

SHOP – $78

Merino Wool Sweater-Jumpsuit

I’d wear the hell out of this jumpsuit: for starters, push up the long sleeves and wear a lace-trimmed cami underneath. Then pair it with white sneakers and delicate jewelry.

SHOP – $136.50

Tapered Ruffle Jumpsuit

back jumpsuit

Make this jumpsuit casual by removing the belt and wearing it baggy. Or make it dressier by replacing the belt with a brown leather version. Either way, roll up the hem and wear with chunky shoes, red lip, and no smile.

SHOP – $160

The Flowy Jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

You might be thinking that this looks an awful lot like a summer jumpsuit. You would be right. But slip a turtleneck underneath this black jumpsuit and a cropped jacket over the whole ensemble, and you’ve got a fall outfit, my friend. Pair with meant-to-be-seen socks and calf-height boots.

SHOP – $88

Tie Waist Long Sleeve Jumpsuit


This work-ready jumpsuit is perfect for the boardroom, the Zoom meeting, or the interview. Keep hoop earrings in the glove compartment of your car, and you’re ready for happy hour, as well.

SHOP- $110

Vegan Suede Jumpsuit

suede jumpsuit

Don’t freak out – this only looks like Advanced Fashion. Wear with a button-down shirt for a crisp work look. Add a blazer if you’re so inclined.

SHOP – $37.99

The Sunday Romper

black jumpsuit

Everyone from Hillary Duff to Carole Radizwill of the Real Housewives of New York has worn these cozy jumpsuits. Wear to bed or to brunch, your call.

SHOP – $99

Lennox Jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuit

Wearing denim jumpsuits are like remembering to take your vitamins…sure you may forget about ‘em every now and again, but you know, deep down, that they’re good for you. Wear yours with everything from combat boots to sneakers to Birkenstocks.

SHOP – $148

Slim-Fit Scuba Jumpsuit

black umpsuit

The ‘90s are back, baby. This jumpsuit has a super sexy zipper front. Stirrups keep the pant legs from scrunching or bunching. Wear with booties if you feel like hiding the stirrups, heels if you don’t.

SHOP – $135

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is for the days you want to be a sex kitten and not a sex cougar thankyouverymuch.

SHOP – $19.99 – $23.79


Which jumpsuit is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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