No Matter Which Team Wins, You’ll Score With These 7 Dip Recipes

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It’s football season and we’re in it for the food! While we may love to cheer on our home teams, no one can deny that food is sometimes the best part of any game day. This season, spice up your dip game with the best recipes for the whole family to enjoy!


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Thanks to Persnickety Plates for this recipe!

best dip recipes



  • 1 lb of cooked chicken (shredded) 

  • 8 oz of cream cheese (cubed)

  • 1 cup of ranch dressing

  • ¾ cups of hot wing sauce 

  • 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese


1. Put all of the ingredients in a slow cooker and heat on high for about an hour until everything is melted. Stir occasionally throughout. 

2. Turn the heat to low or warm while serving.

Classic Guacamole

Thanks to I Wash You Dry for this recipe!



  • 3 large avocados

  • ¼ cup of finely diced purple onion

  • ½ of a jalapeño (seeds removed and finely diced)

  • 1 + ½ limes (juiced)

  • 1 tsp of salt

  • ½ tsp of garlic powder

  • 2 Tbsp of chopped cilantro

  • 1 Tbsp of cotija cheese (crumbled)


1. Combine the avocado, onion, jalapeño, lime juice, salt, and garlic powder in a large bowl. 

2. Use a sturdy fork or a potato masher to mash the ingredients together until they become a desired consistency. 

3. Stir in the cilantro. Taste and season the guac with more salt if you want. Sprinkle the cotija cheese on top just before serving.

Pepperoni Dip

Thanks to Allrecipes for this recipe!


  • ½ pound of pepperoni sausage (diced)

  • 1 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup

  • 1 package of cream cheese (softened)


1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. 

2. Mix the ingredients in a medium baking dish and bake uncovered for 15 minutes, or until the mixture is bubbly and lightly browned.

Deviled Eggs Dip

Thanks to Sweet And Savory Meals for this recipe!

best dip recipes



  • 12 eggs

  • ½ cup of mayonnaise

  • 4 oz of cream cheese 

  • 2 Tbsp of stone ground mustard

  • 1 Tbsp of white wine vinegar

  • 1 Tbsp of red hot sauce

  • 1 tsp of chives


  • ¼ tsp of paprika or cayenne pepper

  • 1 tsp of chives


1. Boil your eggs for about 10-12 minutes. Pour off all the hot water and place the eggs in a bowl full of ice water to cool. 

2. Peel and separate the eggs. Add the yolks to a food processor. Add half of the egg whites to a medium bowl and the other half to the processor. Finely chop the eggs you put in the bowl. 

3. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, white wine vinegar, cream cheese, and hot sauce to the food processor. Process the mixture until it’s smooth and creamy. 

4. Transfer the mixture to the bowl with the chopped egg whites. Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped chives. Gently stir everything together. 

5. Transfer the dip to a serving bowl, sprinkle with paprika or the cayenne pepper if you prefer something spicier. 

6. Garnish with chopped chives and serve immediately.

7-Layer Bean Dip

Thanks to Chelsea’s Messy Apron for this recipe!

best dip recipes


  • 1 can of refried beans

  • 1 jar of mild or medium chunky salsa

  • 1 container of sour cream

  • 1 package of taco seasoning

  • 1 cup of freshly grated sharp Cheddar cheese

  • ½ cup of sliced olives

  • ¼ cup of sliced green onions

  • 2 Tbsp of fresh chopped cilantro 

  • Tortilla chips (for serving)


1. Pour a cup of salsa into a fine-mesh sieve and leave it over the sink to drain. Stir the remaining salsa and refried beans together and spread the mixture into an 8×8 or a 9×9 inch casserole dish. Top the mixture with guacamole. 

2. Stir the sour cream and the seasoning together in a small bowl. Spread it over the guacamole. 

3. Top the dip with even layers of the remaining (strained) salsa, cheese, olives, green onions, and cilantro. Cover and chill for 30 minutes – 2 hours before serving.

Smoked Salmon Dip

Thanks to Self Proclaimed Foodie for this recipe!

smoked salmon dip


  • 8 oz of cream cheese

  • Juice from one lemon

  • ⅔ oz of fresh baby dill (chopped)

  • 1 jalapeño (minced)

  • 1 garlic clove (minced)

  • ½ lb of hot smoked salmon

  • ¼ cup of cooked bacon ends


1. In a bowl with a stand mixer, cream together the cream cheese and lemon juice on a high speed for several minutes until they’re well combined and fluffy. 

2. Scrape the sides then add the dill, jalapeño, and garlic. Blend until well mixed. 

3. Add in the salmon chunks and bacon mix just until combined. 

4. Serve with crackers!

French Onion Dip

Thanks to Show Me The Yummy for this recipe!

french onion dip


  • 2 Tbsp of unsalted butter

  • 1 very large yellow onion (diced)

  • ½ tsp of salt 

  • ¼ tsp of black pepper

  • 1 tsp of garlic powder

  • 1 cup of sour cream

  • ¼ cup of mayonnaise 

  • 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce


1. Melt the butter in a large non-stick pan over a medium-low heat. 

2. Add in the diced onions, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 

3. Cook the onions for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Set aside and cool slightly. 

4. Whisk the sour cream, mayo, and Worcestershire sauce together in a large bowl. 

5. Stir in the cooled onions, then cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 

6. Serve once it’s chilled!


I’m ready for every game day now! What is the best dip recipe for Sunday games? Comment below!

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