Be Honest About Who You Are, And We’ll Share Which March Sister You Are


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little women quiz


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little women quiz

Be Honest About Who You Are, And We'll Share Which March Sister You Are
You're Jo!

little women quiz

You’re passionate about what you love and won’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Many people rely on you and you take pride in that. You are known to have a quick temper and a sharp tongue that often does more damage than good. That being said, you inspire others around you to do their best and work their hardest just so they can keep up with you.
You’re Meg!

little women quiz

You are and will always be the mother of the friend group. All your friends come to you when they need advice, help, or even a hug. Your gentle nature is one of the most defining features about you and you’ve worked your whole life to let that be your reputation. No one can ever find anything rude or bad to say about you and that’s one of your great joys.
You’re Beth!

little women quiz

While you will never be the loudest or most fun in the group, your value is undeniable. You bring peace and perspective to everything you see and your gentle outlook on life often calms others. People need you more than they know, as you are often cool and calm in otherwise hectic situations.
You’re Amy!

little women quiz

You love the finer things in life and know you deserve them. While you might often get caught up in the latest trends and the pressure to always appear better than you are, you know that it will all work out in your favor because one should always act like they have the life they want. You dream of grandeur and one day you will get it.

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