These Amazon Tech Finds Will Upgrade Literally Your Whole Life

If you want to up your tech game in 2021, sure, you can buy a Roomba or Kindle. But why not branch out a little? Amazon has plenty of cool gadgets that will make your life better, and we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorites.


Bring Alexa on your next road trip with this transmitter, and your favorite virtual assistant can go with you anywhere.

august interesting finds

SHOP – $19.99

Hook this Smart Switch Bot up so you can control your most-used switches on your phone — now you can turn off your lights from your bed!

smart bot switch

SHOP – $29

Whether you’re going to sleep or waking up, the Curtain Switch Bot can be set on a timer to open and close your curtains.

smart curtain bot

SHOP – $99

This wireless laser bluetooth device will give you a QWERTY keyboard on demand right when you need it.

wireless bluetooth keyboard

SHOP – $45.99

Learn how to make a damn good drink by connecting the smart coaster to an app with 700+ cocktail recipes.

smart coaster

SHOP – $95

For those who just can’t seem to stay hydrated, this water bottle lights up when you need to drink and blinks if you’re behind on your daily goal.

hidrate water bottle

SHOP – $59.95

Keep your drink hot for hours with this travel mug — just choose your temperature and enjoy at your own pace.

travel mug

SHOP – $199.99+

This sky projector will bring the universe to any room by casting the galaxy along the walls and ceiling.

galaxy projector

SHOP – $59.99

If you need skincare help, the HiMirror analyzes your skin and suggests products. You can also log which products you use are and aren’t working.


SHOP – $249

With this pocket translator, you’ll never be stuck trying to ask for directions in a foreign language again.

pocket translator

SHOP – $129


What have your Amazon finds been this month? Share with us in the comments!

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