These Revolutionary Amazon Work From Home Essentials Made My Life Way Easier

Our must-haves from Amazon this month are all office essentials that make working from home way easier and more comfortable! My biggest WFH struggle is the stress it puts on various parts of my body for sitting too long. The longer I worked at home, I found that I was building on my work space to achieve the best ergonomic space possible. It’s totally worth it and necessary to maximize your workflow! Here are my top picks:


desk pad

TESOBI Large Natural Cork & Leather Desk Pad

This leather desk pad is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a multitude of colors and 4 sizes to accommodate all your gadgets. It’s non-slip and super easy to clean (for those of us who like to eat while we’re working) and it dresses up any office space.

SHOP NOW – $16.99

Soundance Ergonomic Laptop Elevator

If you don’t have a PC or desktop, a laptop stand is an absolute must! It will elevate your laptop for an ergonomic fit and it’s really helped with my posture. It also makes typing on my laptop more comfortable. This sleek design is my pick and is suitable for any laptop size.

SHOP NOW – $27.99

laptop desk

desk pad

Creatiee Desk Elbow Pad

I don’t know if I just have very bony elbows, but having my elbows resting for hours on end on a hard surface as I work can actually get really painful and uncomfortable. To avoid the sore elbows, I could not recommend this elbow desk pad enough and it comes in a set of 2! They have a non-slip side and the other side is perfectly fluffy and soft to the touch.

SHOP NOW – $12.99

HUANUO Ergonomic Foot Rest

If your chair is not positioned properly, there can be stress on your knees which makes working from home really uncomfortable over time. I’ve found that this ergonomic footrest relieves some strain on my knees and also helps correct my posture.

SHOP NOW – $29.99

foot pad

charging station

Seneo Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Station

If you’re an Apple junkie, you definitely need a charging station for all your gadgets in your work area that can charge all at once and can easily be reached. I enjoy this modern, sleek design and it boasts a ton of positive reviews.

SHOP NOW – $21.99

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

I actually don’t use my cell phone stand in my work area, but I’ve found it to be very useful in various parts of the house if I’m doing chores or getting ready for bed and I need somewhere to prop my phone to watch videos or listen to podcasts. If you’re someone who doesn’t like clutter or things lying flat in your work space, a cell phone stand is going to be a staple for you and you can easily charge it with this design!

SHOP NOW – $9.99

cell phone stand

desk pad

VicTsing Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

This amazing desk pad buy will come with a set in your choice of 4 colors and is the perfect addition to your workspace. The ergonomic fit of this mouse pad is super beneficial for your arm and wrist to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and unnecessary stress.

SHOP NOW – $13.99

Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support

I don’t use a wrist pad very often so I find this office mousepad to be sufficient. If you’re like me and just need this piece, I highly recommend this desk pad with gel wrist support. The cushion is sturdy and bouncy and I think the quality is great for the price!

SHOP NOW – $8.99

desk pad

lap desk

Huanuo Portable Laptop Desk

If you have a small space, no designated work area, or you like to move around your house as you work, you definitely need a portable lap desk like this one! It comes with a wrist pad, mouse pad, and 2 slots for your iPad and iPhone. It also comes with a cushion and handle so it’s travel-friendly and it’s a major bang for your buck!

SHOP NOW – $59.99


These buys will definitely make your work from home life a bit easier (and more comfy — thank you, desk pad!). Did any of our picks make it in your shopping cart? Let us know in the comments below!

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