Want Some Free Stuff? Sign Up For An Amazon Student Account To Get These Perks

As a broke college student, Amazon Prime’s student account was a godsend.

I signed up after a rocky first few weeks at school. It was super easy to do: I signed up for the free six-month trial of Prime Student, then paid $6.49 a month every semester after — not the $12.99 per month of a regular Prime account.

See, I was that student. I knew I needed a textbook, then put it off until the first day of class. Or I was a ball of stress who needed something to take my stress out on before I imploded. Or I needed that foam roller because I joined a Pilates class two weeks after the semester started and was extremely unprepared.

So, yeah, that Amazon Prime student account had my back.

This was years ago, and since then, there have been exciting additions for those with an Amazon Prime student account (and, tbh, I’m a little jealous that these weren’t options for me).

If you have a college-aged student, you should absolutely be looking into getting them an account. The benefits are endless, but these are a few of my favorite perks that come with it.


Three Months Free of Calm Premium

amazon prime student

Remember how I said I bought stress balls? I would have loved to have Calm as an option instead. With your student account, you get three months free of Calm Premium. If you fall in love with it, you get a major discount on a yearly subscription — like, $8.99 instead of $69.99 — so long as your Amazon Prime student account is still active.

Calm Premium comes with a lot more than the free Calm experience. As Amazon explains, a free subscription includes daily themed meditations, hundreds of hours of guided meditations, 150+ narrated sleep stories, nature scenes and breathing guides, and music tracks to help with relaxation.

Free Monthly Grubhub Delivery

amazon prime student

I don’t know about you, but Dining Commons food was…mediocre, at best. (You can only eat a burger with solid cheese so many times.) Grubhub wasn’t delivering then — yeah, it’s been a while since I was in college — so I was left to either eat DC food or go on a grocery trip. The problem with that: I didn’t know anyone who had a car, and the grocery store was miles away.

So, I’m extremely excited for current students who get to have a free monthly account with a Grubhub+ Student membership through Amazon Prime student accounts. Benefits include unlimited free delivery on orders of $12+, plus 10% Grubhub+ Cash on all off-campus pick-up orders.

StudentUniverse Travel Discounts

amazon prime student

I lived close to home, luckily, but many of my friends and family lived states away. I remember going home for Thanksgiving to be with my family; my cousin remained in South Carolina and had dinner with friends so her family could afford a ticket for Christmas break.

If you have an Amazon Prime student account, you can save 10% on already-discounted flights (with minimum savings of $5), 10% back on hotels as an Amazon gift card, and free customer support through StudentUniverse. Take that flight home for Thanksgiving this year.

One Month Free of Course Hero

I took American Sign Language my second year of college, and while the Student Center was helpful, I was still a little stumped. And I couldn’t exactly live in the center, so I credit YouTube for helping me learn the nuances of the language. Course Hero wasn’t an option at the time, and I truly wish it was.

With an Amazon Prime student account, you can get one month free of Course Hero, then a discounted monthly fee ($9.95 rather than the standard $39.99) so long as your student account is active. With 60 million course-specific classes, 24/7 access to tutors, textbook solutions, practice problems, study guides, class notes, and thorough explanations of anything stumping you, learning has never been so easy.

Three Months Free of Audible (Until Sept. 30th)

When I did have a car, I could listen to music during long drives. But it didn’t replace reading a damn good book that I couldn’t put down. That’s why I love Amazon’s Audible Premium subscription service. At only $14.95 a month, the endless amount of audiobooks is a steal. But it gets even better for college kids.

Here’s the deal: until September 30th, those with Amazon Prime student accounts can receive three free months of Audible Premium. Each month, you can purchase one book for free; have access to thousands of audio options, including podcasts and Audible Premium Originals; and access to discounts of up to 30%.

Is It Worth It?

Amazon Prime Student accounts are 10000% worth it. Considering I couldn’t have survived without it even before these perks, I highly recommend it. Worst case, you don’t like it and forget to pay at the end of the trial — the accidental extra charge may sting, but you’ll get your money’s worth. You can sign up here now for your account, so log in and get on it before those midterms hit!


Have you signed your kid up for an Amazon Prime student account? What are the best benefits? Tell us in the comments!

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