3 Things To Know Before Your Next International Trip

Ok, so you don’t really need any sort of formal qualification to say that you are ready for traveling; however, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from learning a few things before you go! I’m talking what to avoid in a certain destination, first aid tips, or tips for the cheapest way to travel, not a Geography degree. 

Being knowledgeable on your travels is very beneficial and if you come across any hiccups you will be glad you chose to learn a few things before you set off. So, let’s have a look at a few of the things you should considering learning and researching before you travel: arrow

First Aid 

If you only know how to put a bandaid on and mask everything with pain killers, then you could really do with educating yourself about first aid before you leave, especially if you are going to be doing activities such as hiking, camping, or in situations where you don’t need a hospital and could deal with it yourself. Learn about the essentials you need in your travel first aid kit and how to use each item, consider using MyCPR NOW to research the best ways to treat things such as blisters, sunburn, and minor injuries so you can address them yourself.

Know What Is Considered Respectful Clothing

You need to take this consideration especially seriously if you are visiting a country of a religious majority. Think about the conservatism they enact with clothing and jewelry. Even if you already practice or believe in the same religion or social norms as they do, it is a sign of respect when you visit a country to follow their clothing norms as much as possible. Are you planning on visiting famous churches to admire the architecture? Traditionally, it is best to at least cover your shoulders and knees, and wear long pants if you are male.

Learn A Few Key Phrases In The Local Language

Even if your intention isn’t to practice or learn new language skills, it can sometimes be necessary to learn some common phrases in the local language before you travel, especially in an emergency. You can’t expect them to speak your language just because you are there. You may also find that you create a more genuine travel experience and meet more people by just learning a few phrases and using them while traveling. If you are traveling in one country for an extended time, you may naturally pick up more if you start off using a few phrases on your travels. 

Good phrases to learn:

I am from…

How do I find the train/metro/bus?

I would like a…

Where is the bathroom?

Can you show me on a map?

Where is…?

I’m lost.

Can you help?

Do you speak English?

Can you speak slower?


Thank you. 

Can I have the bill, please? 


These are just three of the important things you may want to learn before traveling to another country. Do you have any others that should be included? Please share them in the comments below. 

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