Quiz: Plan A Trip To The Movies To Discover Your “Friends” Double

friends quiz

1. The movies are finally open! What are you going to see?

2. What do you get at the snack bar?

3. Where do you sit in the theater?

4. Who are you watching this movie with?

5. When do you get inside the theater?

6. What do you do during the movie?

7. The movie's over! When do you leave the theater?

Quiz: Plan A Trip To The Movies To Discover Your "Friends" Double


You're Monica! You’re a do it all go-getter. You’re fiercely independent and you love things the way you love them, and that’s so good! Take time to relax and maybe let someone else pick the movie next time!


You're Ross! You love the thrill of the movies, just so long as they’re not too frivolous. You love your friends and the time you get to spend with them, and you appreciate that they love the quirks that make you, you!


You're Rachel! Having a little date night at the movies is just what you need! You never shy away from having a bit of fun on nights out and when all your friends can be there, it's a dream come true!


You're Phoebe! You love the movies for the atmosphere and you don’t really care about too much else. You’re super laid back and don’t want to stress or make a big deal out of something that’s just meant to be fun!


You're Chandler! You can’t wait for the movie theaters to open back up again because you love going to them with your friends and having those memories. You’re a big people person and you love to goof around -- you just want everyone around you to have a good time.


You're Joey! The highlight of the movies is the food for you, and who can blame you? Take yourself out on a movie date and treat yourself to the snack bar. You're pretty easy going, so long as your date doesn’t try to steal your popcorn!


So, what was your result? Do you think our Friends quiz got it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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