Live Alone Or Traveling Solo? Staying Safe Is Easier Than Ever With These New Apps And Gadgets

Being a woman who lives alone can be AMAZING! You can scream sing to your favorite musicals, walk around the house in a robe and slippers, eat whatever you want whenever you want, and so much more. But, it is also important that as a woman living alone, you take the safety precautions necessary to keep yourself safe. Here are some awesome safety apps and gadgets to help you do just that!


BSafe App


This app has an SOS button that can be activated by touch or by voice, even while your phone is in a pocket or out of reach. When the SOS button is activated, your chosen safety contacts will get a live stream video and audio sent straight from your phone. Video and audio are also saved in your phone for later in case you need them for law enforcement. The app also has GPS settings, so your contacts can keep track of where you are if you’d like them to. There’s also a setting for a fake phone call to ring your phone so you can get out of situations. You can send your location to your contacts at any time or set a timer that the app will notify your contacts if you’ve been away from the app for a specific amount of time.


Keychain Security Alarm


This keychain lets out a startling, unbearably loud alarm to draw attention and scare an attacker away. The ring is simply started by twisting the ring and aiming at the attacker. The sound can be heard up to 1000ft away.

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Portable Door Lock

If you don’t feel comfortable with your apartment’s current locks and aren’t allowed to change them, using a portable door lock may help. These bad boys can also be used while traveling to make Airbnbs, hotels, or even college dorms safer.

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My Safetipin App


This app gives you safety scores of areas you may be walking or driving through. Using 9 safety parameters (lighting, openness, visibility, people, security, walk path, public transport, gender usage, and feeling) that can be scored to create safety scores for specific streets and neighborhoods. This app also has tracking, nearby places (to find somewhere safe to wait), and a safest route option.




If you suspect that someone has slipped something into your drink, SipChip can help you make sure you’re safe. Once a drop of your drink is placed onto the SipChip, results are shown within 30 seconds. Two lines mean you’re in the clear, and one line means that your drink has been drugged.

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InvisaWear Jewelry


From keychains to necklaces, Invisawear Jewelry is disguised as normal jewelry but is also a safety device. Simply click the button in the back to notify your chosen contacts that you need help. This action also will send your contacts your GPS location. You can also use your Invisawear to contact the police.

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Other great practices to have are to always share your ride information with friends while riding with Uber or Lyft, sharing your location with a trusted person through Find My Friends or Life360, and always taking extra safety precautions when you can.


Any safety products we missed? Share them below!

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