The 5 Ways I Style A Graphic Tee For Literally Every Occasion

how to style graphic tee

Hello ladies! I’m super excited about this article because I’ve really had to put my styling creativity to the test by creating 5 (and more) chic and versatile ways to style a graphic tee. I know you have at least one graphic tee in your closet that you love, but wearing a tee can get boring…really fast. Here’s how to elevate your graphic tee game with the items you already have in your closet!


Style 1: Skirt + Tee Combo

styling graphic tee
styling graphic tee

Wearing a skirt with your graphic tee offers a feminine vibe to the otherwise more edgy, masculine look of the graphic tee. I always prefer my graphic tees oversized so that I can tuck them in or wear them over a dress so it acts like a skirt. Even though I’m a short gal, I actually prefer midi skirts over mini skirts because they’re more versatile. As you can see, I’ve created 2 different looks with the same skirt and tee combo just by changing my outerwear and shoes. Pairing dark colors on the top and bottom will give you a more refined, edgy look but mixing light and dark is always a safe style pairing (e.g. white graphic tee with a dark floral skirt or vice versa). This is a look I can wear to brunch, run errands, or even a more casual business meeting.

Style 2: Blazer + Tee Combo

styling graphic tee

The focus of this pairing is the outerwear and graphic tee. Normally graphic tees would not be appropriate for a work setting but you can definitely elevate yours to a professional look by wearing it with a sharp blazer and fitted trousers. You can add a sleek, minimalist belt to cinch in the waist. Bonus: wear a collared white shirt as your base layer to look extra profesh. I’m wearing a white detachable collar in this to minimize bulk. how to style graphic tees

Style 3: Jogger + Tee Combo

styling graphic tee styling graphic tee

This look has basically been my uniform this past year but I elevate it by making it look like a matching set. If you have a lighter colored graphic tee, try pairing it with joggers that are in the same color family. Here’s how to accessorize: lots of gold jewelry and a pair of white sneakers. For the fall and winter, I like wearing a turtleneck as the base layer for extra warmth (right) and an oversized coat. how  to style graphic tees

Style 4: Dress + Tee Combo

styling graphic tee

Take your graphic tee on a night out! I’m wearing a more fitted graphic tee for this look but you can still wear an oversized one if you don’t mind the top looking a bit bulkier. The fun part about styling it this way is that it pairs well with so many styles of dresses (for ease of styling I recommend a dress in a solid color). You can wear a fitted mini dress like me or a slip dress works perfectly too. To accessorize, I’ve added a gold chain belt (right) and finished with my trusted knee high boots for both looks. how to style graphic tees

Style 5: Denim + Tee Combo

styling graphic tee

The tried and true combination: denim bottoms and a graphic tee. You can never go wrong with styling it this way but it’s mostly appropriate for casual occasions. Again, how you accessorize can really change your outfit. Thankfully skinny jeans have been out for awhile now, so I love pairing my tees with kick flare jeans, boyfriend silhouettes, or wide-leg bottoms either tucked in or knotted.

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Which outfit was your favorite? What new, fun way will you wear your graphic tees? Let us know below!

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