Win At Fashion With One Of These Crowd Favorite White Sneakers

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White sneakers are the one tried and true footwear style that remains relevant all year. Whether you’re headed to the farmer’s market, picking up the kiddos, or meeting friends, white sneakers will always pull through for you. You can count on them to be comfy, stylish, and versatile which is why you need at least one of these fan favorite, highly-rated pairs.

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White Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are super breathable for the summer and bring a casual, effortless element to any outfit. They are also super lightweight and great for traveling!

white canvas sneakers

Everlane The Forever Sneaker

This earth-friendly sneaker is fully recyclable, made from 50% recycled cotton canvas and is machine washable. It comes in a timeless style and you can choose from 5 colors.

SHOP NOW – $65

white canvas sneakers

Atoms Model 000

Their website promises that this pair of white canvas sneakers is like none other. Some features: An insole that feels like you’re walking on clouds, an antimicrobial copper lining, a pliable upper, and shoelaces that only need to be tied once.

SHOP NOW – $129

white canvas sneakers

Cariuma Pantone Snow White Canvas

This sneaker was consciously made in collaboration with Pantone (how cool!) created with lightweight cushion technology and quality, raw materials.

SHOP NOW – $89

White Leather Sneakers

I personally prefer leather look sneakers because the material is more formal and elevated which better suits my personal style. I love that they feel more sturdy and durable and they’re super transitional during the spring and fall.

white leather sneakers

Thousand Fell Everyday Lace-Up Sneakers

I can’t get enough of my Thousand Fell lace-up sneakers. I’ve featured them in this transitional styling article and they’re still holding up very nicely. Thousand Fell’s shoes are made of recycled bottles, natural rubber, and innovative food waste component parts and they are 100% animal free and vegan. The more you read about their shoes and brand, the more you’ll love them! These shoes are crazy comfy and they also sell classic slip-ons.

SHOP NOW – $120

white leather sneakers

Veja V-10 Leather White Nautico Pekin

Veja sneakers are a crowd favorite for a reason. These gorgeous white sneakers are made in Brazil with organic and recycled materials. I personally love their sleek color combinations that elevate the sneaker. This pair pictured features a trendy, retro athletic look. This lifestyle pair made of cotton worked as leather (vegan) is also a favorite of mine.

SHOP NOW – $150

white leather sneakers

Nike Blazer Low ’77

We’re saying bye to chunky dad sneakers and welcoming retro low-top sneakers. I love the classic simplicity of this pair that perfectly compliments every outfit. You can always count on a pair of white Nike sneakers!

SHOP NOW – $85

White Slip On Sneakers

Sometimes you don’t want to bother with laces so slip-on sneakers are here to make the day a little easier! They’re chic and a no-brainer when comfort and ease are priority.

white slip on sneakers

Franco Sarto Iconic Slip-On Sneaker

I love these white slip on sneakers from Franco Sarto for their simple design in durable leather. The subtle contrast piping boasts a stylish, going-out look and it comes in 5 colors/patterns.

SHOP NOW – $74.99

white slip on sneakers

Vince Camuto Maryenda Slip-On Sneaker

Feel secure and stylish in these easy slip-on sneakers! I appreciate the wide elastic strap that sets this shoe apart. This is giving me all the athleisure vibes and I love it!

SHOP NOW – $49.99

keds white sneakers

Women’s Double Decker Leather Slip On

Keds’ Double Decker shoe is one of their bestselling designs! They are super flattering on the foot and perfect for everyday wear. A must-have addition to your staple footwear collection! Want a canvas alternative? Check it out HERE.

SHOP NOW – $54.95


Which white sneaker style is your favorite? Comment below!

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