$200 And Under: Shop The Prettiest Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Invite

As summer comes, so does an avalanche of weddings. If you’ve been invited to one (or many), it’s important to follow the dress code. From casual to black tie, we’ve collected gorgeous wedding guest dresses that will fit every attire requirement.


Casual Wedding Guest Dresses

Casual wedding guest dresses usually refer to spring and summer weddings, or outdoor receptions where rocking florals, lace, and airy fabrics would be appropriate. Of course it’s always better to be dressed up rather than dressed down at a wedding so make sure you know where the reception will be. Ambience is key! You can opt for ruffles and patterns and experiment with different lengths too. Shop our curated picks of casual wedding dresses below!

Cocktail Wedding Guest Dresses

Cocktail attire is somewhere between casual and black tie formal but can easily be dressed up, depending on the color you choose or even the fabric of the dress. For cocktail wedding dresses, opt for more shimmer and sheen and a heavier hand. Midi lengths are also ideal (although a mini cocktail dress or long gown may be suitable too, depending on the location). Slinkier silhouettes may also feel appropriate. Don’t shy away from color or timeless, statement jewels!

Formal Wedding Guest Dresses

Invited to a formal wedding? Dress code will usually encourage full-length gowns and stilettos. I recommend darker colors or rich jewel tones which tend to look more luxe. Opt for pleats and more structural silhouettes. If the wedding is in the spring or summer, pastel hues in asymmetrical silhouettes will bring interest to the gown.


Have you been invited as a guest to a wedding? Which style of dress will you be wearing? Let us know below!

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