These Celebrity Brands Are Super Popular – Which Ones Are Worth Trying?

Celebrities aren’t just in your favorite shows or some of your favorite musicians — they’re also entrepreneurs with a variety of passions, leading to side hustles in industries like food and makeup. love wellness

Because of their large platform, they have a significant reach, meaning we hear about them all the time. If you’re wondering which are worth it, you no longer have you try them out yourself: I’ve put together a list of celebrity-owned brands that are worth your money – and those which are not. love wellness


Savage x FentyWORTHY

Rihanna’s brand is über popular because it combines fashion with comfort and affordability. Whether you’re into classic black lace or a pop of color, Savage x Fenty has it. It’s also beloved because it celebrates all body types, races, and sizes, showing that anyone can be sexy.


Founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline’s wine is supposedly clean, unlike your usual wine. However, we did a deep dive into this… and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. If you’re looking for something new, try it – just keep in mind that your go-to wine isn’t dirty.


about-face’s mission states: “humans are weird, complex, and entirely beautiful because of it.” The Fluid Eye Paint is a hit, with so many colors to choose from – just take the wand and draw the liquid color over your lid. Halsey’s paint packs a punch, and it won’t flake off after it dries.


Coconut water is good for you – filled with electrolytes, low in calories, and offering nutrients (like potassium), it’s a good alternative to sugary drinks. The problem with Madonna’s Vita Coco: the heat pasteurization kills its nutrients and there’s added sugar. No thank you.


This gorgeous Walmart line by Drew Barrymore has everything you need at a reasonable price. We wrote an article about it previously, and we stand by our rave reviews of its products. The colors are cute, and the technology takes the guesswork out of toasting a bagel to perfection.

The Honest Company– UNWORTHY

Co-founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company was rocked by claims that its sunscreen didn’t work, leading to severe sunburns. (There are pictures all over Twitter.) It also had to pay $1.55 million in a lawsuit over ingredients in its laundry detergent and dish soap. Yikes.

Love WellnessWORTHY

We wrote about how much we adore Lo Bosworth’s Love Wellness and its supplements, like Bye Bye Bloat. But let us reiterate: this brand treats everything. They also have pH Balancing Cleanser and Boric Acid Suppositories, so your lady bits will be taken care of, too. 


Oh, Gwyneth Paltrow, I must mention goop and its controversy. For example: claiming that a sticker used space-suit materials (FYI: it didn’t) and jade egg suppositories that cause infections. You can find alternatives to these products that are more affordable and less disputable.

Sugarpova – WORTHY

Looking to fulfill your sweet tooth? Tennis player Maria Sharapova created Sugarpova just for you. The chocolates are filled with antioxidants, and the gummies and truffles? You won’t find artificial flavoring. Sweets range from being gluten- to soy-free; there’s something for everyone.

Happy Family OrganicsUNWORTHY

“We are proud to have best-in-class testing protocols in our industry.” So why, exactly, did this Demi-Moore-backed company have to recall mold-infested bars? Saying you have rigorous testing, then recalling a moldy product, doesn’t suggest that it’s trustworthy.


There are plenty of other celebrity brands that deserve praise…and others that should be looked into before you purchase. What are your favorite celebrity-owned brands? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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