Drew Barrymore’s New Kitchenware Line Is Jaw-Droppingly Stunning

Sometimes I can be wary about celebrities’ companies. I recently wrote about clean wine, a trend Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power have jumped on with their new brand, “Avaline,” and digging deeper only proved that star power doesn’t necessarily equal accuracy. You know, like science. But Drew Barrymore’s home appliance line is too cute for me not to try. 

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Barrymore is bringing the beauty to Walmart with the aptly-named “Beautiful” kitchenware line, promising aesthetically pleasing appliances and utensils for your kitchen. These are my top 9 choices to try.


6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer

Sick of trying to figure out what different knobs are for and what certain buttons mean? Same. There’s so much that could go wrong that I tend to avoid using it. With Barrymore’s air fryer, dehydrating is as easy as tying your shoes. And that color? My entire aesthetic in one clean shade. (There are different colors, but I’m going with my fav.)

SHOP – $89

DREW BARRYmore air fryer


2 Slice Touchscreen Toaster

This touchscreen toaster makes browning any bagel or bread straightforward and easy – your toast will always be consistent. Just like the air fryer, there aren’t any buttons or knobs, so less time reading an instruction manual and more time admiring the sleek finish and size-adjusting slots — yep, no more squeezing in that bagel, it just fits.

SHOP – $39.96

1.7L Electric Kettle

While I love my manual kettle, I’d rather flip a switch than wait for burners to heat. Plus, the stove I have makes boiling unpredictable and a constant guessing game. This kettle promises to boil seven cups in seven minutes – impressive. Why would I use the stove when I have Barrymore’s insta-kettle?

SHOP – $39.96

drew Barrymore electric kettle

drew Barrymore toaster oven

6 Slice Touchscreen Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Okay, every single toaster oven I’ve owned has held approximately two pieces of pizza (and that’s pushing it). Barrymore’s toaster oven, on the other hand, is spacious enough to hold a full pizza. Mind. Blown. It also has 11 preset functions, which I have never been fortunate to come across previous to this toaster oven. Brb, hitting order right now.

SHOP – $129

11” Square Griddle Pan

We all learned quickly not to use metal utensils in pans… until her griddle pan came along. Use it to grill burgers or flip pancakes with metal utensils; thanks to its three-layer nonstick coating, it won’t peel or chip. I’ll be bringing this to every potluck so friends won’t have to yell at me for using metal utensils in their nice pans.

SHOP – $19.97

drew Barrymore griddle pan


7QT Jumbo Cooker

If you’re looking for a new one-pot recipe, try it out in this jumbo cooker. It can withstand up to 400º of heat, so mix your ingredients on the burner and finish it off in the oven. Just like the griddle pan, this has three-layer nonstick coating, so no scratches. I plan on using this post-COVID, when we can finally have huge gatherings again!

SHOP – $39.97

12-Piece White Knife Block Set

Awkward knife handles aren’t just uncomfortable – they’re dangerous and can up your risk of cuts. These knives‘ forged handles were specifically modeled for optimal grabbage — thanks, Drew! — and the white look will look gorgeous on your kitchen counter. These are the perfect definition of “if looks could kill” — pretty and deadly all at once.

SHOP – $59

drew Barrymore knives

DREW Barrymore dutch oven

6QT Enamel Dutch Oven

Looking for a durable dutch oven? Ms. Barrymore has you covered. Safe for up to 500ºF, it’s effective no matter your stove situation. This dutch oven also has a cast-iron construction and an enameled coating, so all of your cooking needs will be met at once. I’ve only used a dutch oven a few times, but I will absolutely be cooking everything in this from now on.

SHOP – $59.97

14 Cup Touchscreen Coffee Maker

This coffee maker boasts that it can make 14 cups in less than 14 minutes. Sound fake? The 1200-watt system will prove otherwise. I know, I know, your coffee maker could never — and that’s exactly why Barrymore’s coffee maker is a necessary upgrade. It also has a touchscreen, giving it a sleek, modern feel.

SHOP – $59

drew Barrymore coffee maker

Have you checked out “Beautiful Kitchenware” yet? What are your favorite items from the line? Let us know in the comments!

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